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I tried out this boat at the Kayak Festival in Charleston,SC. I was going to buy it and then ended up getting a Current Design Vision 140. I paid twice as much for the Vision.

After getting home, I still kept thinking of the Strait 140. The boat seat seemed very comfortable. The boat was very responsive. At 14' it has 3 hatches and makes a great Day Touring kayak. At $1049.00 the price was also right. Within a month, I had bought a Strait 40th Edition. It is the Limited Edition of the 140xe.

I have now put it thru the paces on a lake with some very rough water. The boat handled great. The plastic in this boat is much stiffer then a rotomolded poly boat. It handled the waves just as well as my composite boat and all at a fraction of the price. Pelican had just come out with the Elite Series this year. It is not the same boat that you find in discount chain stores. Pelican has a winner with this model. I know I made the right decision.

I bought this to take when I will be having someone join me. I have the Tetragon 5 and it is fine for 1, but needed more room for 2. Rule of thumb...if it says 2 man, then figure 1. If it says 3 man, then figure 2, etc... The Tetragon 8 is a 4 man tent, so therefore it works great at 3.

This tent is very easy to set up. Takes less than 5 minutes with 2 people. I took for a 4 day weekend in the mountains. It rained 3 days. I had no water in the tent. I am very happy and would not at all hesitate to recommend this.

I bought this kayak after doing a lot of research for a fishing kayak. This met all my needs and then some. It has plenty of storage with an elliptical hatch in the bow, a 6" hatch just in front of seat and another just behind the seat. It also has room for a large cooler in the stern or for a 5 gallon bait pail(recess molded in, also has 2 flush mount rodholders. This is an extremely stable kayak. Has a dihedral hull design that keeps it stable and tracks exceptionally well.

It may be a little on the heavy side, although I checked against others and at 57# it really isn't all that bad for a SOT. I would say that my only complaint would be against the graduated footwells. I would much rather have preferred adjustable braces.

Over all, for the price this was very hard to pass up on. I got it in the $550 range and that was shipping included. It also cam with a paddle, scupper plugs, and a padded seat. That is a great value. If you consider this kayak for purchase, there is also the freedom model that is the same boat... only the price is $50 more. I guess that is for more color options. The angler comes in Sand or Olive Green.