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Osprey PFD

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Osprey PFD Description

The Osprey PFD is a pfd brought to you by Extrasport. Read Osprey PFD reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

Osprey PFD Reviews

Read reviews for the Osprey PFD by Extrasport as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Got my newest pfd from a...

Got my newest pfd from a web supplier this past spring to add to the group of equipment I have on hand to take the grandkids kayaking. This pfd is worn anytime I or the ones with me are on the water. Comfort is king and here in the heat of Florida it means a lot to be cool and be ready for any spill in the water. Pockets abound in this lifesaver, fishing the backwaters it a must to have all of the things close and at the ready. Casting is easy and the pfd doesn't ride up.

I give this pfd a hearty ten. And remember they should always find you handsome, even if you don't catch any fish.:(

After researching many...

After researching many different types of pfds I bought an Extrasport Osprey. It is extremely comfortable with its mesh sides and adjustable straps. I also like that it has straps and a zipper in front. It also as lots of pockets of varying sizes so you can carry some gear on you! I found it extremely easy to array my pliers, knife, phone/camera, and some lures. It makes it perfect to take out for a quick trip when you want just a couple lures.

The one downfall is that, at least for me, it rides up a touch. I'm not sure if other pfds do this but it rides up maybe an inch then it is good. Even with that I find it extremely comfortable all day. This is a great life jacket that is very comfortable and functional!

I just purchased my second...

I just purchased my second Extrasport Osprey PFD because I love the first one so much. One reviewer mentioned that the vest slipped off over his head. I have noticed that I wear a MUCH smaller size in this design than I do in other PFD's. I have one that is a small/medium and one that is a extra small/small, but I am NOT a small girl in any way. I paddle 6 days a week with this vest and have NEVER had chafing at all. The only down side is that the metal grommets have started to rust on my older vest. That "older" vest is 3 or 4 years old though. I would highly recommend this vest to a friend.

I purchased a new Osprey a...

I purchased a new Osprey a month or so ago after spending a good hour comparing, playing with and trying on / fitting this and other Extrasport PFDs, as well as the other brands that were on hand in the kayak shop. I'm a guy of average build, 5'10" about 195 and wanted something that fit well, was non-confining, fairly priced and had some utility to it. After narrowing down to a couple vests, I decided on the Osprey. This is not a purchase I regret!

I have now paddled with it more than a dozen times over the last few weeks (who says you can't paddle in winter?) All I can say is AWESOME!! This PFD is built like a tank, fits well, looks sharp (though the colors are a bit bland, mine is 'sand') and the pockets are an absolute bonus. I keep little 'needs' (multi-tool, lighter, cyalume stick, etc) in it for just in case 'get-outs'. I was properly 'fitted' buy the fine folks at Kelly's Kayaks (they retired as of the Jan 1st, shame but good luck!) and I have to say that the vest fits incredibly well. The zippered front with the added two adjustable belt closures low on the chest work well, the mesh shoulders are also fully adjustable, and after a bit of fitting - perfect! The vest doesn't ride up, is not confining, does not rub at the shoulders / 'pits' (there are HUGE arm holes) and the high back pads do not interfere with my boats seat back (OT Egret).

Being a mild winter I have had the opportunity to use it with everything from a t and wind breaker to several layers of fleece and a jacket to a dry suit. In all uses thus far, it has been completely comfortable, almost not noticeable. I haven't had a chance to try it 'wet', but so far it seems an all around great piece. I'll update the post as I get some wet use in the spring!

I rate it a 10 for overall design, fit/finish and utility, an 8 for a fair price (I paid about $75.00) and a middle of the road 5 for only having two bland 'can you still see me?' color choices.

This is a new PFD from...

This is a new PFD from Extrasport. I liked the concept many pockets for fishing tackle, camera, binoculars, lunch, and the PFD is obviously well made, typical Extrasport quality and good looks. Unfortunately I think the design and functionality of the Osprey PFD is dangerous. I put the PFD on, fastened the zipper, cinched the two compression straps as snug as I was comfortable with, then stuck my thumbs in the shoulder straps, and lifted the PFD right off over my head in one smooth motion. I thought I must have cinched it on wrong, so I double checked the compression straps and zipper, tightened it as tight as it would go, and pulled it off again with no resistance. I give the Osprey PFD a 10 for quality and concept, but I give it a zero for safety. I've returned the PFD without ever taking it on the water. It's just too likely that in a spill the PFD would ride up over my face, and if I put my arms up for rescue the PFD would slide right off me. My hope is Extrasport will take this PFD off the market and redesign it so it will stay on. I have an Extrasport Pro Expedition swift water rescue vest that is exceptionally well designed and well made, and I've never heard anything bad about any other Extrasport PFD. With the exception of this new Osprey, I recommend Extrasport gear very highly.