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Apparently Island Kayak is…

Submitted by: Robin on 7/29/2019

Apparently Island Kayak is out of business. I bought my boat, sight unseen 3 years ago. I am older than dirt and have been kayaking over 50 years. My boat is fiberglass and appears to be heavily built. don't look closely and you'll think it's an Anas Acuta. Comparing the two the Anas has slightly higher sides. /rocker is about the same. The builder took pains to build a fine boat. All bolts are capped. An interesting design is that there is no bulkhead behind the seat. The seat itself serves that purpose, is sealed well and does not leak. The front and rear are adequatly thick, sealed well and do not leak The hatches are well bedded and do not leak. Covers are Kayak Sport. Original, I do not know. All deck fittings are recessed. Toggles are at both ends. The gell coat is thick and glossy. The seat is all day comfortable. Performance wise: an easy boat to roll. There is no wind cocking. The boat is stable, not a fast kayak. All in all just like my Anas Acuta. Would I buy it again. Definatly yes. Robin

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