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  • 9' 8" Length
  • 29" Width
  • 37 Weight (lbs)

Glide Description

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Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
Glide Reviews

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I would like to expand...

I would like to expand upon my review of 2010 of my Glide [2010-09-13]. I have had 4 paddling seasons in this yak, and still like it very much. We have paddled in lakes, tidal/salt water inland bays, and mild whitewater-up to Class 2. The boat does not always track straight through moving current and riffles but is manageable. Good stability in moving water -I have flipped it usually when grounded in shallow water with a strong current. It is easy to right and drain.

The seat is very comfortable for daylong paddles, and there is adequate storage for a dry bag in the bow. I suspect this would not be the case if I was taller with longer legs!! I do wish for amenities such as a cup holder and a sealed hatch - but this was an inexpensive yak and there are trade offs. It has held up well considering that most of our paddling is in rocky-bottomed rivers, and I have scraped and banged over ledges and rocks with little more than scratches on the hull. My Glide is light enough for me to lift into our truck on my own, although it is much easier with two of us!

Bottom line - this was a great value boat and I am still very pleased with it.

I love this little boat...

I love this little boat for someone my size and the type of paddling I do. It is pretty stable and glides nicely for a smaller boat. The size is perfect for me to handle transporting and storing it on my own. I only give it a 9 as the paddle holder strap actually gets in the way when I paddle, but that is easily remedied. Plus, the purple is the best color on the water!

For the money, you cannot...

For the money, you cannot beat this kayak. It is light enough for my wife to carry in and out of our truck. It tracks surprisingly well for its length and it feels solid. At 6'3" and well over the recommended weight limit, this is not an ideal kayak for me, but I've been able to use it in a pinch. Not enough room for my size 13 foot for me to be comfortable on an all day float, but fine for an hour or so on the lake. Our family likes this model so well, we bought two of them.
I highly recommend this kayak to someone looking for a nice entry level boat.

I have been an Emotion...

I have been an Emotion Kayaks fan for several years after owning a few different types of their kayaks. I love my Glide! It is great in so many different conditions and types of water. It is easy for my friends and family who have never kayaked, to hop in my Glide and enjoy kayaking. Emotion is also great with warranties if you ever have a problem!

Recommended to anyone out there who needs a great all around kayak

I bought the Glide for my...

I bought the Glide for my 13 year old daughter in November 2010. After one season of light use, the kayak has developed a crack under the seat support. I think this is a design defect. I e-mailed Emotion requesting a repair facility in my area and the response was they could not recommend repair for liability reasons. I would not recommend this kayak because the design of the seat caused the failure.

I had never been on a...

I had never been on a kayak before in my life. On a whim decided to take it up as a hobby and for some low impact cardio. Despite the fact that my husband feared for my life. Family and friends were pleasantly surprised to see that I survived. I have had it for over two years now. It was the perfect starter model. I have yet to flip - I stay mostly on lakes. But I love it and have suggested it to a number of friends that feel the same way.

As a Pennsylvanian, I like buying local and this is a purchase that has proven to be healthy, relaxing and solid. Plus, I have been able to take some terrific photographs out on the water. For me its become a hobby that has led to many positive life changes.:0)

I purchased the Glide last...

I purchased the Glide last fall after renting one for a weekend. I'm short, 5'0", so the seating/paddling position was important. The Glide is very stable and fits me perfectly.
We have explored lakes and rivers in Northern Wisconsin this summer and I really enjoy paddling my lime green "Pea Pod"

I bought two of these a...

I bought two of these a few weeks ago. I'd read the reviews here and was particularly interested in, and very much appreciated, the comments regarding the new molding process and the company's response. I found that mine do have kind of a weird flex if you put weight on them at just the right angle on dry land. However, I don't use them on dry land, and they seem to work fine in the water. If the new process contributes to their lightness (reported at 37 lbs.), without detracting from use, then I'm all for it. I'm sure when plastic (or any other new material) was first introduced, there was a lot of push back from the wooden kayak (etc.) folks.

I agree with the original poster that changing the process without changing the model designation is a little misleading. It also calls into question the value of the model's reputation (i.e., do the many good reviews of the old process kayaks translate to the new?). That alone almost caused me to buy the next kayak down on my shopping list.

I note that at least one foot peg appears to have broken off or disassembled on the second use. I haven't checked it out in detail, but will have to follow up on that. Others reported the same problem. Considering these products have basically one moving part, you'd think they'd get that right.

I paid $295.00 for mine on sale at REI. That's certainly a lot cheaper than the $1,000 kayaks from specialty retailers, but twice as much as the $150 kayaks on sale at Dick's. Kayaks are fundamentally all just big piece of molded plastic... so it's hard for me to understand the justification for the wide range of prices.
Maybe I'm just ignorant on that topic.

Have never wasted time...

Have never wasted time writing a review for anything, yet felt compelled to comment on the enjoyment I have gotten from my Emotion Glides. Have been out a dozen times in the past 4 weeks and are turning my family and friends on to the joy of Kayaking. My daughter 12 is leading the charge, and has really enjoyed our father daughter bonding time. My oldest son (17) enjoyed the exercise aspects (As a PT I can tell you it's great for core strengthening) he received as we tried to race our boats on the Long Island sound and my middle guy (14) just thinks its fun.

The Kayaks are very stable and I feel safe having the kids out in them. However my son and I found that we can really get the kayaks gliding as advertised. There is some getting used to the smaller yaks but they will track straight after a few initial paddles to get the speed up. The seats are padded and unlike most kayaks in this class come with knee pads and a drain plug. The other benefit is that when I go with my daughter the kayaks are light enough that I can get them on and off my SUV without the need for another adult.

I researched kayaks for months before this purchase and I am very pleased with my decision. Just added another glide to our fleet and have a lot of friends that are getting in line to try out kayaking! Would like to thank Emotion for delivering a good product at a price I can afford.

MANUFACTURER'S RESPONSE Dear Topshot, I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been so…

Dear Topshot,
I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been so rocky getting to the water. Our goal at Emotion was to make kayaking more approachable to all users, budgets and ages. However, that is not done at the cost of quality and I hope to help you believe what a commitment we make to our customers 24 hrs a day. We are still a family run company and we care about every family that uses our products to play outdoors.

Emotion kayaks is proud of the numerous awards and achievements of both our roto-molded product and our blow-molded product. As with any material and production method, there will always be trade-offs in benefits. I think that you make a good point that a lot of the confusion resides with same model names to two processes and this has been brought into our planning for 2012. We have also had customers that prefer the blow-molded glide because of the slightly different seat. In the end, we don't want people to be confused and will make adjustments going into 2012.

We feel that we should weigh in on some of the assertions that you have picked up in your interactions with staff and with the Glides you purchased.

The advent of blow-molding in kayaks has been around for some time and some of the burliest expeditions to the arctic and tropics have been done in blow-molded touring boats from another manufacturer. Emotion has been one of the firsts to create a line of recreational kayaks using this process while we continue to roto-mold for more color options (one of the reasons why independent retailers continue to get roto-molded glides). The plastic that is used in blow-molding is called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and it actually carries many traits that make for very strong and long lasting boats. Roto-molded plastic uses LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Take a peek at this chart:

High-DensityLow density
Tensile Strength(psi) 4,5001,700
Flexural Strength(psi) 5,8001,400
Flexural Modulus(psi) 120,00022,000

Blow-molded boats are actually quite strong! The blow-mold equipment and mold is much more expensive than roto-molding but the efficiency is in the very low blemish rate, running efficiency and longevity of the mold. We feel that these manufacturing efficiencies should be passed right on to the customer. But, to say that blow-molded HDPE is of lower quality than roto-molded LDPE is not correct. They do have a different "look" and "feel" and subjectively we know everyone has their favorite but the lower priced boats from Emotion are not lower quality. In fact, our Spitfire has features like the "no hole" pad eyes that hold the bungee cords in the tank well and seat back assembly. Blow-molding makes it possible to actually cool the plastic around the screws that hold the pad eyes in place making for a stronger and more water tight fitting than conventional rivets. Innovation can come in affordable packages!

The issue with the glides warping (according to an REI staff member) might have more to do with logistics and the larger qty of Glides that go to the REI via our Factory/REI Distribution Center/Warehouse at REI DC/Shipped to Store (a lot of travel). We have been investigating this but also know that we ship a lot of Blow Molded Glides and do not have shipping warpage in every instance. Especially when qtys are smaller.

Like any issue, there are a lot of factors at play. Here is just one example:

The numbers that you see in the chart above might promote the argument that a blow-molded Glide might have more elasticity than a roto-molded glide. There are strength benefits to that but if in the heat of the summer with a lot of boats shipped in a closed container there may be a larger chance of deformation from these traits. Small boats like the glide are a bit too long to be shipped vertically but small enough that a lot of boats can fit per shipping container. There have been manufacturers in years past that ship their kayaks in air controlled containers but we have found that a little sunshine and time to "breathe" does bring any dent back to shape. Often times, independent retailers have a bit more time to let boats recover from a long trip. If you go down to the local shop and speak with the owner I think they would tell you that even "pancaked" kayaks will come back to shape after a 1/2 hour in a lot of sun. This "elasticity" is what makes Poly boats so tough when they knock into a rock. It is always a trade-off to balance a paddler's need for a light weight craft and their need for rigid stiffness in high heat. Poly is tough when bumped, bounced and impacted but the trade-off compared to composite boats is that 130 degree surface temperature can cause heat distortion. If you put pressure into that equation the forming temperature decreases dramatically (on your rack with strap pressure or bow and stern lines).

If a dent that mostly reshaped is still noticeable, a little boiling water and pressure safely applied to the remaining dent does the trick. It should also be mentioned that a dark boat is going to heat up more in the sun than a lighter colored boat so the blue Glide may be more prone to heat distortion than an orange or yellow boat. Heat distortion is a common occurrence in the lifespan of any poly boat. Even our friends at Hobie have made a video that admits that poly boats sometimes have to be "coaxed" back to shape

In 2010, the Roto-molded glides were sold out beginning in early summer. For 2011, Emotion invested heavily in a new blow-mold to greatly add to the production of the glide "model". We replicated the blow-molded glide features as close as we possibly could so that two exact same hulls did not need different names but your review brings up a valid argument that this might cause confusion in the market place. The price savings are not because it is a "cheaper product" but because it is a more efficiently manufactured product. However, both of our Glides are suggested to sell at the same price--$349. The costs of blow-mold development and the blow-molded glide was everything but "cheap"! We will continue to offer a roto-molded version so that we can make all the fun colors our customers love but we also know that a lot of folks wouldn't have Glides if we didn't also blow-mold versions in select colors. You might not feel this way but we have had a lot of customers who sought after the features in the blue glide you purchased compared to the roto-molded glide. Everyone is a little different in the features they value. That is why autos have so many versions within model. The dealer network would not let us retire all those fun other colors we make but perhaps a more clarified sub-model name is the way to go.

I'm sending you a care package for your input if you would email us with your contact information at

Happy Paddlin'
Tom Strauss
President, Emotion Kayaks

At the beginning of "kayak...

At the beginning of "kayak season" I decided to grab a couple more kayaks since we only had five and when the whole family goes river day tripping we need at least six. Wanted something smaller lighter and easier to handle than our fleet of 12 - footers. The local kayak dealer suggested the Emotion Glide as a reasonable choice. That is exactly what they have turned out to be.

I was leery at first about quality control... Emotion seems to have a problem with plastic in some of their molds. I say this because two of our kayaks are Emotion Advant- Edge rotomolded boats bought at the same time but one has maintained an acceptable shape over the years and the other has really never been good... seems as if the left side hull plastic is much thinner than the right and far more prone to oil canning. I need not have fretted... the Glides have none of the problems of the Advant- Edge.

A shorter hull, a better design with a bit of a keel line adds to hull rigidity and assists tracking. Seat supports and underhull strakes also provide hull integrity and straight tracking. These are great rec kayaks. At a fair price. Good for beginners,kids or light duty daytripping. Since we got these little gems....everyone wants to use them... the Glides are so handy and perform so well, there are times I wish all my boats were Glides.

My rating is based on performance for value. I would not hesitate to buy another...If you consider any inexpensive plastic kayak examine it carefully... turn it upside - down ... and push, prod, sight along the keel line for symmetry.

I wanted to update my...

I wanted to update my review, and I have quite a mouthful to say. Let me start from the beginning. I bought my Emotion Glide kayak from REI, when they had their big sale at the beginning of the season. They only offered it in blue. I had seen it elsewhere for $50 more, and no one would match their price. Of the two kayaks I bought, one was warped and I returned it for another. The sales person at REI told me that the majority of the Emotion Glide kayaks he gets in are warped. He told me the quality of the plastic is poor and I would be better off spending $100 more on a different brand of kayak that uses a denser plastic (rotomolding) instead of the Emotion's blow-in plastic which he compared to a plastic milk bottle. I was not prepared to spend more on a different kayak. I contacted Emotion and they told me it wasn't a big deal - the plastic had a "memory" and it would return to its shape after awhile. This was only partly true...the warping was reduced but not 100% better. You cannot leave these kayaks out in the sun because of this problem.

Anyway... a couple of months passed. I passed a local store (not REI) that sells the Emotion Glide, and their sale was $30 more than what I paid on sale at REI. Nevertheless, I brought my kayak in to them because they were offering free installation of fishing rod holders, and those were being sold at a 20% discount. The owner of the store gave me a funny look and asked me, "Where did you buy this kayak?" and I told him, "REI." He and other salesmen were whispering about my kayak and I couldn't figure it all seemed somewhat mysterious. After about 15 minutes, he approached me and asked if I would be at all interested in swapping out my 2011 REI Emotion Glide for one of his 2011 Emotion Glide Kayaks, my choice of color, and fully warrantied. The reason, he told me, is that Emotion has been trying to convince his store to carry the "lesser" Emotion Glides with the cheaper plastic. Due to the lousy economy, Emotion is attempting to build all their newer kayaks this way and hope to phase out the stronger plastic ones, although currently they continue to be manufactured. His store is trying to convince Emotion not to go this route. Additionally, he wanted my REI kayak to show customers, so they could determine the difference in the quality of the plastic themselves because a lot of customers have questioned why their kayaks are more expensive than REI's for what ostensibly is the same model (I should also add that the foot pedals are a little longer and more comfortable in the "better" Emotion Glide, and the seat is also a "better" grade and much more comfortable, even though both Emotion Glides are 2011).

Anyway, I will tell you that the "better" Emotion Glide with the stronger plastic is much, much better quality than the "lesser" Emotion Glide sold at REI. It is better balanced, stronger, does not suffer from warping, the foot pedals and seat are infinitely more comfortable. I don't know why Emotion is being so cagey about this - REI insisted they had sold me the "only" Emotion Glides that are made. So, I would have to say BUYER BEWARE.

I would give my new Emotion Glide a "10" but due to what I feel is a questionable case of ethics in management and sales, I will have to relegate it to a "5". The cheaper version still a good product for the money, but for $30 - $50 more you get an upgraded version of this boat that is well worth the extra $$$. Don't be fooled!!! I hope this is helpful, and will promote discussion!

I just bought two of these...

I just bought two of these kayaks at $296 each when REI had them on sale. After I got it home, I noticed one of the kayaks was quite warped on the bottom so I returned it to the store. They happened to have another one in the store but that one, too, was warped, so they ordered me another one. After several days' wait, the order came in and it was fine. Unfortunately, I had in the meantime noticed that the 2nd kayak I'd originally gotten was slightly warped along the bottom, too.

At this point I was exasperated and didn't really feel like driving yet again to REI to return it and wait for another. I contacted Emotion and they said that the kayaks warp from leaving them out in the sun and probably that had happened somewhere from the time it left the factory until it arrived at the store. They said the solution was to let it warm up and then the plastic's "memory" would return it to shape, and if the warp was bad enough I could "mold" it back into shape with my hands. This did not work. The REI manager said that for every 5 kayaks they receive from Emotion, 4 are warped. He said that the Glide's materials are of very thin density and he could not really recommend this kayak at all. That said, better made kayaks are about $100 more, and that is beyond my budget, so I stuck with the Emotion.

We took the kayaks out yesterday to (finally!) to Daniels Dam in Ellicott City in MD and the water was extremely shallow and like glass. So, I can't say I got to "test" the kayak because under those conditions paddling was effortless. That said, the kayak tracked nicely and with some speed. I'll be interested to see how it does in deep lakes with some wind, which is what we'll mostly be faced with when we bring the kayak to Maine. Interestingly, we met a lady who was trying out her Emotion Comet at the same time, and she was miserable because the Comet tracked so poorly; she said she felt she had to expend a lot of effort and was more tired than after a day of rock climbing!

I bought the Emotion Glide because of price, short size, and weight. Overall I thought it was a nice ride, but the quality control (or lack thereof) made me give it a lower rating.

I'm newer to kayaking and...

I'm newer to kayaking and bought the Glide to start out on flat canal water and move up as I learn. This is a fun, well-designed and inexpensive boat in its class. I have zero complaints.

It's really a fully equipped rec kayak ready to use out of the box. You blow up the float bag (wish they had included one for the bow too, but that's cheap enough from them at $25), adjust your foot pads and launch. It's a stable boat, launching and paddling, and it handles well for its size and shape. We get plenty of wind where I live (SF Bay), and the boat isn't bad in the wind at all; otherwise it tracks very well. It's fast enough and it's a tough build. The seating and footpad systems are very good for starters; there's room to customize if you want.

I do recommend this to friends, and commend Emotion Kayaks for their good design at a very attractive price.

I took my Glide out today...

I took my Glide out today for it's first real test. A buddy in his Pelican Castaway, and me in my Emotion Glide took on a choppy LSU lake. We launched at the LSU beach and covered every square inch of those lakes in 4 hours. I was impressed with the Glides performance in the choppy waters. Being a shorter and wider Kayak, than my buddies Castaway, I fully expected to fall behind. I carried two small ice chest with the drinks and sandwiches along with my fishing poll and small tackle box. I will be adding a flush mount rod holder.

I would recommend this Kayak to anyone who fits my size (5'11" 190 lbs). I did not give it a 10 because a 10 is perfect.

I've had the Glide for...

I've had the Glide for about a month now and I love it. It tracks very well for a 9' 7" hull and it's definitely speedy for its size. The seat is comfortable for a couple of hours but I had to add a little padding to the seat back after my last 4+ mile trip because my lower back was starting to hurt a bit.

I bought the Glide specifically to use in the evenings after work and it's perfect. It's very easy to load/unload from the back of my Toyota pickup and I can have it in the water in a couple of minutes. I've already had a couple of folks ask about it at the ramp and one woman even ended up purchasing one afterwards.

If you're an average sized person looking for a great recreational kayak that's easy to load and carry and get you out on the water for an hour or two? I don't think you can go wrong with this boat.

I just purchased two of...

I just purchased two of the Emotion Kayaks one for me and my son. We took them out today and they handled great. I am very happy we bought them.

I have 2 Old Town...

I have 2 Old Town recreational kayaks, 1 Dagger playboat, 1 Percepton creek boat and just bought two Glides through Amazon. I LOVE THEM. Best kayaks out of my collection and I'm selling the two smaller ones now, don't need them.

Emotion has thought of everything to put on these boats and still keep the price down where I can afford one for me and my husband. It comes with bungees everywhere even one for your paddle, nice foot pegs, padded seat, a drain plug (the best feature), great v-shape hull for fast tracking, an air bag you can blow-up by mouth for extra volume.

We were so geeked when we took the bubble wrap off, like wow nice quality, extremely comfortable, the best seats I have sat in too and the boats just plain look cool with their logo and graphics. I like how you sit up higher than most sit-in kayaks. It will make paddling much easier by far.

Just wanted to say how happy we are with our Emotion kayaks. I will stick with Emotion kayaks in the future!!! Oh and my very graphic is MADE IN THE USA. Love that sticker. I'm a fan.

We bought the Glide...

We bought the Glide recently for my husband. After some changes in plan, I got to use it - maiden voyage was last week (9-6-10). We paddled an easy stretch of the South Branch of the Potomac - a few riffles, some very low water - the Glide was terrific. Easy to maneuver, comfortable for this short, chubby, middle-aged female, and extremely stable. I also liked the inflatable flotation device behind the seat - a nice touch. Several of the others in our group tried it out, which resulted in two more Glide purchases! For an inexpensive kayak this one can't be beat.

Picked up the Glide today...

Picked up the Glide today and took it on Biscayne Bay. It was a great ride, and extremely comfortable. The seat was far better than most kayaks I've used and the folding seat stows for transport. It is slower than most kayaks I've used at 9'7", but that's physics! For the price and comfort alone I will give it a ten. I grew up in the Ohio Valley and used a canoe, and switching to kayaks has been a drag when it comes to comfort, by comparison. The Edge has a high profile which kept me pretty dry in the bay with high winds and choppy water. If you're newish to the sport and are tired of renting or sharing, then I highly recommend this so far. I'll be taking it into the swamp soon... so we'll see if the rating changes.

I bought two of these for...

I bought two of these for my son and I for our first boats. These have been outstanding! Stable, great tracking and very comfortable. We've paddled Class II and up to 5 hour trips and each time the boat performed fantastic! Customer service is top notch. This company is the best kept secret in kayaking!

Paddled my new glide for...

Paddled my new glide for the first time last week on a slow moving river. I have paddled quite a few small rec. kayaks- Dagger Zydeco, Heritage featherweight,etc... and the glide out performs them all! It is super stable for it's size, tracks super straight and turns very well. The seat and foot pedals are top notch. Can't say enough about the Glide. Get one!

I love this kayak- light,...

I love this kayak- light, reasonably priced, tracks well - better than my 12' recreational kayak. Emotion needs to increase their advertising to sell so many more that the price can come down.

My wife and I purchased a...

My wife and I purchased a pair of Emotion Advant-Edge kayaks last year and we used them a few times in the past few months. We recently had company in town and so we also rented an Edge (smaller version of the Advant-Edge) and a Glide (one of Emotion's newer kayaks).

I think the Glide is now the best kayak made by Emotion! It tracks as well as the Advant-Edge, but it's much smaller and easier to load/unload from a vehicle. I also like the hull of the Glide better (it's got a faster V shape rather than the flatbottom of the other Emotion line).

Although it may seem like a minor point, I also think the adjustable seat of the Glide is far superior to that of the molded seats and I like that the Glide comes with a bungee paddle holder.

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