Strait 140 XE

by  Elie
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Strait 140 XE Description

This is how to get away from it all. The Strait 140 XE is a fast, straight-tracking, stable craft thanks to asymmetrical Swede-form geometry and its hard chine V-shaped hull. For longer adventures, there is ample carrying space – 50L in the bow and 90L in the stern. Nice touches all around enhance your experience – like the Ergoflex Seating System™, smooth and rounded coaming, replaceable keel extension, reflective perimeter lines and bottle holder. And of course, the quick lock hatch, the ultimate in quick and easy access.

Strait 140 XE Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Strait 140 XE Reviews

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Although discontinued and…

Submitted by: paddler2628707 on 12/27/2023

Although discontinued and with many older models, subject to a recall, there may be not be a lot of demand for a review of this boat, I thought it deserved it. This is a really interesting boat. I think I would sum it up as a really outstanding design on a budget. A very fast boat for 14', I recently raced my new-to-me boat in a 25 mile race and kept pace with a Stellar S16 (G1) and an Epic S14s for the entire race. Pretty impressive boat for 1/3 the price of those two.

It's also a very stable boat with strong primary stability but a little bit iffier secondary. I almost dumped her my first time out playing around with edging and carving a sharp turn. Still a very responsive boat even without the rudder. The rudder is almost mandatory to cut down on wiggling or in stronger winds and although there's a bit of an increased drag, the tracking makes up for the potential loss of speed. It's got "old style" rudder controls which people like to complain about but those are the only thing I've ever known so I think they work fine.

Now for the bad. Here's where you get what you pay for - the hatches suck. They are not watertight at all. Also the foam fore and aft bulkheads leak if you get any water in the cockpit. The deck lines and carry handles are serviceable but cheap as well. All in all though if you can find a non-recall version of this boat used, you should be able to get a terrific deal on a very fast, not too heavy boat that can really do anything you want with it.

This may become a bit of a hobby fixer upper for me since the hatches, bulkheads, deck lines and even rudder pedals are all things that can be improved or replaced if I feel the need to put the work in.


    This kayak is find for large…

    Submitted by: paddler236906 on 7/30/2019

    This kayak is find for large lakes and rivers. It has good primary and secondary stability, edges well also, and is probably, in my opinions the kayak unit in its category. It comes well equipped with waterproof hatch and is made of a compound that makes-it rigid and also light. I know the question comes to mind, the kayak is large enough for a 6’ 1” 190 lb guy like me but is very suitable for smaller paddlers. All in all it’s lightness, it’s durability and ease of use will make it à great skiff for beginners and intermediate paddlers


    I'm back after about a year…

    Submitted by: jlsherwoodhighlands on 6/25/2018

    I'm back after about a year with the recall replacement boat. Old Strait 140 XE was recalled for leakage into compartments. This unit is consistently dry as a bone. All other features same as described in my post. Still love this boat. Regularly receive compliments on its looks and style.


    So far, so good

    Submitted by: jlsherwoodhighlands on 3/26/2017

    Have owned my Strait 140XE since June 2015, and really love it. Had rented kayaks, here and there, for years, and finally decided to purchase. Researched a lot, demo'ed a couple. Fell in love at first sight, as it is everything I had in mind -- graceful lines, lots of storage (just enough space for a Delaware River camping trip last summer), rudder.

    Just notified Elie my unit is affected by their recall, so we'll see how customer service works.

    The boat maneuvers, accelerates and maintains speed well, but does tend to turn with the wind or strong chop. Rudder fixes that immediately.

    I do own a spray skirt, but have not practiced flipping and rolling, so I'm a little leery about using it. As a result, when paddling in whitecaps I don't use the skirt and it becomes a little bit of a white-knuckle experience, as water does come in over the low coaming.

    Some other reviewers have said the kayak is tippy, but that comes with a narrow boat, right? The narrow cockpit is fine by me, but my wife's bad hip joints prefer a wider entry point.

    Two large hatches are locked with levers. They work well -- much easier than straps or rubber hatch covers -- but the hatches are quite some distance from the cockpit and pretty much inaccessible from within the craft. The small convenience pocket holds small items, but the fabric pouch can dislodge and drop into the aft compartment, so don't plan to use it for items that would suffer if wet.

    So, now, the problem: The reason my unit was recalled was for potential leakage, so Elie at least has recognized this deficiency. Not sure what will happen with the new unit, but this one has had minor leakage -- a couple ounces of water per outing. The amount of leakage appears to vary with the unit. On an overnight camping trip, it took in less than a cup a day, front and rear combined. Others have complained of greater leakage. I always store everything in quality dry bags, so this is not the biggest problem in the world to me, but it can be irritating, and would be a real problem if you did not plan for it.

    Some other reviewers have said the seat is comfy. I regularly paddle for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, or until my butt goes numb. The seat is certainly not comfy for me, but that is pretty personal. I plan to get a seat pad this season. My heels also tend to hurt after a while. I solved this with neoprene wet shoes, or a temporary foam pad on the floor.

    On the whole, I truly love this boat. Every time I look at it, I want to drop whatever I'm doing and go for a paddle. When I'm out in the boat, I want to go camping. While we were camping, I did not want to quit.

    Yes, the boat has some problems, but they all seem fixable. It does suffer from weather-cocking, but the rudder works fine. The manufacturer is addressing the leakage problem. I'll spend a little bit of money and get a seat pad, and I usually wear shoes or have the foam pad for my feet.


    6 feet tall, 225 pounds. I…

    Submitted by: kayakmarknh on 9/9/2016

    6 feet tall, 225 pounds. I had only kayaked twice before I purchased the Straight 140XE, and did utilize other reviews on this site to assist in my decision. Thanks to you other reviewers!

    As a beginner my confidence has really blossomed in the half dozen, or so, trips with this kayak. I chose it over the 12' Sound based on features (rudder, extra storage, extra deck ties) and not wanting to "grow" out of it. As an engineer I research a lot before making most purchases.

    This kayak offers, what I believe, the best of everything you may want in a flat/calm water kayak. Though a tad narrower than the Sound, which can be unstable at first, as this beginner learned and overcame... it moves very smooth compared to the rental I used. The rudder is controlled by the foot pegs once deployed. I have read other reviewer comments that state this feature takes away from bracing up inside the kayak, leading to addition instability. I disagree as my feet rest gently on the foot pegs and only apply slight pressure to nudge the kayak left or right.

    Again, after only about 6 trips out (ranging between 4-6 miles each), I've become very comfortable with this wonder kayak. I'll update this again at some point.


    5'11", 280lbs, size 13 shoe. Kayak is a bit difficult to…

    Submitted by: dragonswar84 on 7/6/2016

    5'11", 280lbs, size 13 shoe. Kayak is a bit difficult to get into initially but, once in, it is plenty roomy for my copious frame. Kayak is very responsive which is good for maneuvering but, bad in that even a light wind causes sever Weather cocking. However, drop the rudder and all your weather cocking problems disappear. Primary stability is...meh but, secondary is GREAT! The seat is well made but, lacking in holding strength for someone of my...stature. I just can't get the seat to keep me completely upright. But, this is likely due to me exceeding the weight limit and not due to any fault with the equipment. I appreciate the water bottle holder, with hold down bungee in the middle of the seat fits, which fits a standard Nalgene bottle well and tightly. The Water proof compartments are, likely, not water proof but, they seem to stay dry during average use. Weight wise, this boat is light. Compared to my wife's Riot 14.5, which is a rotomolded boat, this boat is significantly lighter... not to mention very stiff. Loving the thermoform. I will update y'all with anything that may or may not change in the future.


    We have had the Strait 140…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/13/2016

    We have had the Strait 140 XE since it's inception. It was first introduced through Pelican. It's a great intro Poly Day boat. If you like a stable but yet playful kayak that will fit a wide range of paddlers, try it.

    I have two cons regarding this kayak.
    1. Get rid of the sliding rudder peddles and move to a fixed push style peddle. It takes away from bracing & edging.
    2. Give a choice of rudder or skeg version.
    Otherwise a light, easy to carry & stable kayak.


    I have had this Yak for 6…

    Submitted by: RobinA on 4/10/2016

    I have had this Yak for 6 months and use it weekly. Just did 20 mi. on the Suwannee River, a pleasure! Tracks and steers Great! Well made and comfortable. Priced right......


    Great looking, stable and…

    Submitted by: Jme on 11/18/2015

    Great looking, stable and comfortable boat. I paddle this on the ocean by my home in British Columbia. Handles the rough stuff well, tracks excellently, and paddles with agility. I like the build quality of the hull. I LOVE the hatches, they may slightly leak (less than a cup in a 4 hour paddle in ocean swells), but they are so easy to use. Elie says they can be sealed with some sealing tape, but I'm not bothered by the small amount of water ingress. The seat is comfortable, the boat is light, but feels very sturdy and stiff. The hatch combing feels robust.

    A few negatives - they day hatch is difficult to use while on the water, which defeats the purpose of the hatch. The rudder pedals are sliding vs the preferable gas pedal style. Initially, a lot of the fasteners were not properly tightened which I find sloppy.

    All said though, a thermoformed boat for less than some rotomolded boats is a good thing. Also the customer service at Elie is very good. Another of my boats needed new foam pads and handles and they were shipped out quickly and for free, being based and made in Quebec, Canada, I am also happy to support them


    My Stats: 5'6", 150#, Size…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2015

    My Stats: 5'6", 150#, Size 8.5-9 shoes; I'm fairly new to kayaking but have been in canoes for many years.

    Compared to the Liquid Logic Pisgah I came from, this is a much more relaxed and faster boat. Some reviewers found this boat "tippy" but I found it very stable- both primary and secondary stability are good and predictable... good enough that I am thinking about taking my DSLR with me on this boat (in a dry bag when not shooting) I feel that confident when in this boat.

    It tracks straight until you lean it on edge and then it lets you turn pretty quickly.

    I found there's plenty of room for me with lots to spare. Thigh braces are in a good location. Lots of hip room for me but would like to have a little more in the way of hip support/padding. I have a little too much room at times.

    Outfitting is good, not the best if compared to a WS Tsunami, but sufficient. Good seat plenty of deck cords and attachment points for your gear.

    The boat is very clean looking with has nice lines and it has a prominent center keel line and hard chines on the sides. When in the water, the keel and chines help keep the boat going straight and fast. If you want to get up to speed, it can be done easily and quickly. Keeping a good fast pace is easy.

    Would highly recommend this boat.


    I have had this boat for 1…

    Submitted by: paddler236309 on 7/1/2015

    I have had this boat for 1 month now and have been out 12 times. It handles well in calm water but once it gets a little rough the rudder is needed to maintain course. The seat is comfortable. The hatches are not water proof but keep out most of the water. Dry bags highly recommended.

    Overall nice boat for the price.


    Since I review every kayak I…

    Submitted by: paddler234515 on 2/19/2015
    Since I review every kayak I own, I guess I ought to do this one. The good: it tracks like a 14 footer should, it floats and looks pretty on my rack in the garage. Now for the bad. This kayak is extremely heavy, the hatches leak like a screen door in a hurricane and the kayak sits so high on the water that it quarters when a butterfly farts. The deck rigging is minimalistic and the seat had to be replaced within a day of delivery.
    For $800, you can do a whole lot better than Elie.

    Turns well with or w/o…

    Submitted by: ChuckGuy on 5/24/2014

    Turns well with or w/o rudder. Comfy seat. Primary a little weak but very good secondary. Nice hatches but leaks some around seals and have had to fix that. Good boat for the money. Stiff. $935 at REI.


    I bought this kayak after the…

    Submitted by: paddler235541 on 5/14/2014
    I bought this kayak after the bow of my Delta Twelve-10 split open after a slip off the car rack. The Elie Strait is simply the best kayak for the length (14') and money ($830 shipped) I could ever ask for. I've owned six kayaks, and this is the best one yet. The material is tough as nails (the reason I bought it after the Delta debacle!).

    What is most amazing, however, is the spritely way the boat handles. It tracks very well, cruises and responds to wind and waves exceptionally, yet turns on a dime. If you can paddle at all, there is no need to buy this kayak with a rudder, since it is so nimble. The hatches are easy to open and shut, and the seat is by far the most comfortable one I've ever sat in/on! Each time I paddle I pinch myself to believe I bought such a good kayak for such a reasonable price!
    The brothers Elie should be commended for producing such a fine boat.


    There are not many reviews…

    Submitted by: paddler235529 on 5/5/2014

    There are not many reviews available on this boat that are not boilerplate reviews from the two or three actual reviews from demos out there. Hopefully the next bit will be helpful.

    I am 6'1" and 230 with large legs. I consider myself cockpit restricted when it comes to buying a kayak as I can only consider the few that i can comfortably get in outside of the recreational lines. I bought this boat without demoing it first and the demos out there are spot on in regards to the general build quality and performance. The hatches do leak some, the rudder is not the best on the market but it is nice to have in strong crosswinds.

    I bought this boat for racing in rivers (limited rapids). I wanted something that i could easily handle, that was affordable, and that was reasonable fast.

    On open water (large lake) i could comfortably hold a 5-6 mph speed without pushing hard to do so. In the wind, i was surprised to see that i was still chugging along at 4.5 mph in about a 15 mph headwind. I got in 1.5 to 2' waves and had them crashing over the boat. This is my first sit in and i never felt like i would flip whether i was crosswind, headwind, or paddling along the troughs.

    My initial review is that this boat is fast with some minor shortcomings that are easily corrected. no boat is perfect, but once i seal the hatches and bulkheads, this boat will be close for me. I consider myself an intermediate paddler overall.


    I bought this kayak for day…

    Submitted by: rsheneman on 7/24/2013

    I bought this kayak for day paddling and light touring. It handles nicely, but is somewhat prone to weather-cocking. The rudder - standard feature worked well to combat this in breezy open-water conditions. It's a bit long for narrow rivers, but the overall handling is very good. The hinged hatch covers seem to be okay for light spray, but my rear bulkhead seemed to let water in from the cockpit. A little RTV sealer took care of this.

    I've not rolled the boat to test how watertight the hatches are (other reports indicate that they let in some water). Overall, I like the cockpit and how the boat handles.


    This is a great boat in my opinion.

    Submitted by: kayakerBill on 6/5/2013

    This is a great boat in my opinion. There have been complaints of the hatches leaking; I have not had any problems. I found that all you have to do is keep the latch levers tight.


    Great kayak for the money.…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2013

    Great kayak for the money. Very rigid, feels like a composite boat. Tracks great, fast & very stable. I didn't like the rudder foot controls and the hatches are TERRIBLE! Mine are so bad the leak in the rain on my trailer. BTW the seat is a dream! The foot controls and front hatch are easily fixed with aftermarket replacements, the rear hatch I'm still working on.


    As a 66 year old, canoe…

    Submitted by: GillesGobeil on 9/21/2012

    As a 66 year old, canoe lover, I used to own an Old Town 164, that I found a bit heavy and my wife was scared of water, so we have bought 2 kayaks and both of us really enjoy the stability, the way it goes with waves and wind. My wife is more comfortable and she is more secure now. We only have to get used to getting in and out.


    I am 5'9", 180#, slim build. The boat fits like…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/10/2012

    I am 5'9", 180#, slim build. The boat fits like a glove...picked it up used at REI because the previous owner decided it didn't fit... a really great boat... tracks well, good rudder system. Gets up to speed quickly and is responsive. The seat is very comfortable. The watertight hatch is great...the two larger hatches are not watertight but good enough with adequate space. The boat felt a little tippy at first but I have become more accustomed to her...she is very stable when underway.


    Great boat! easy to get up to speed, easy to turn…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2012

    Great boat! easy to get up to speed, easy to turn, great seat, nice rudder system. A 1.7 Seals sprayskirt fit it very well. I like the Elie company because they get us out on the water at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this boat.


    After having taken the boat…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2012
    After having taken the boat on a 5 day trip down the San Juan River in Utah at 5800 cfs, i feel that i can now review this boat (previous trips were all on quiet water). With limited white water experience, i credit the boat with getting me through this unscathed. It is a great boat, incredible stable and boyant it rode the waves like a cork. It went sideways over submerged Rockridges und rightet itself in the current -incredible. Afterward the hull had some scratches, nothing serious.

    Now the cons: the so called waterproof Hatches are a joke - even with extra marine gaskets and ducktape over the hinges i still had more than a quart of water in bow and a little less in the stern compartment every eve. Previous reviewer is right Pelikans custumer service is non existing, if you call you get a receptionist telling you to call the Dealer where you bougth the Boat.


    I bought the Strait 140 for…

    Submitted by: paddler234522 on 5/9/2012
    I bought the Strait 140 for me and the Strait 120 for my wife. My wife and I have kayaked before but are novices. Balance only took 10-15 minutes to get used to.

    They are fast, stable, durable, good quality and easy to maneuver. I have been out at least 20 times already all around the NC Sound area. Long/short distances are a piece of cake. I have kayaked in calm to rough water. I just got a spray skirt and would recommend one for the rougher stuff. There is plenty of room in the bow and stern storage compartment which also has water tight bulkheads for added protection for your gear. I would water proof everything anyway.

    All in all, we love our new Kayaks and would recommend them to anyone.


    Bought one for my wife and one for myself. Awesome boats…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/30/2011

    Bought one for my wife and one for myself. Awesome boats. Look great, rudder is smooth to operate and tracks beautifully, ample storage and seat is quite comfortable. Couldn't find a better boat for the price. We've only spent about 10 hours on the water, but even in moderate chop the boats road well.

    I highly recommend the boat. The only reason I did not rate our Elie's a 10 is because of Elie's customer service, which is through Pelican Sports. Don't expect a quick answer to a question from them. Still love the boats though.


    Not bad for the money. The…

    Submitted by: paddler233433 on 11/2/2009

    Not bad for the money. The finish is nothing like the catalog photos. Not glossy and smooth but pitty and a bunch of sharp small drips on the surface. Other than that not bad


    I tried out this boat at the…

    Submitted by: rcarpenter02 on 5/27/2009

    I tried out this boat at the Kayak Festival in Charleston,SC. I was going to buy it and then ended up getting a Current Design Vision 140. I paid twice as much for the Vision.

    After getting home, I still kept thinking of the Strait 140. The boat seat seemed very comfortable. The boat was very responsive. At 14' it has 3 hatches and makes a great Day Touring kayak. At $1049.00 the price was also right. Within a month, I had bought a Strait 40th Edition. It is the Limited Edition of the 140xe.

    I have now put it thru the paces on a lake with some very rough water. The boat handled great. The plastic in this boat is much stiffer then a rotomolded poly boat. It handled the waves just as well as my composite boat and all at a fraction of the price. Pelican had just come out with the Elite Series this year. It is not the same boat that you find in discount chain stores. Pelican has a winner with this model. I know I made the right decision.


    This is my first kayak and I…

    Submitted by: paddler232944 on 11/12/2008

    This is my first kayak and I love it! On the water it is easy to handle and turn, also has great tracking and excellent stability. It has lots of storage room including a day hatch. The rudder helps a lot in windy conditions.

    On the minus side the boat is a little bit heavy (but not much) maybe it is the price to pay for the great stability and storage room; another thing I found is that it tends to deform very easily when carried with foam blocks, so you need to buy a good rack system to carry your Strait.

    I must mention that I paddle on quiet rivers and small lakes. Overall a good kayak I am happy with it so far and I would recommend it as it makes your life easy on the water.

    Strait 140 XE
    by Elie