Name: rsheneman

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I've worn this PFD vest for several years now on day trips and mutli-day tours. It's comfortable, functional and durable. The C-Vest may not be as "sleek" as some others (the foam is a bit square-cut rather than tapered) but it works well, has ample pockets and lash points, and is generally comfortable. The radio pocket work for both my marine VHF and my GPS unit.

I bought this kayak for day paddling and light touring. It handles nicely, but is somewhat prone to weather-cocking. The rudder - standard feature worked well to combat this in breezy open-water conditions. It's a bit long for narrow rivers, but the overall handling is very good. The hinged hatch covers seem to be okay for light spray, but my rear bulkhead seemed to let water in from the cockpit. A little RTV sealer took care of this.

I've not rolled the boat to test how watertight the hatches are (other reports indicate that they let in some water). Overall, I like the cockpit and how the boat handles.

Bought the Sting-Ray paddle to replace a cheaper aluminum-shaft paddle I had bee using. Much lower swing weight makes longer paddles much easier. The paddle seems stiff and efficient. Overall, I give it a 10.