Strait 120

by  Elie
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Strait 120 Description

Nearly all of the great attributes and benefits of the Strait 140 models but on a smaller scale. Great for smaller paddlers, women or those who want a little more manoeuvrability. This model includes a watertight stern bulkhead and the popular easy-access quick lock hatch.

Strait 120 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Strait 120 Reviews

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I recently purchased an Elie…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/27/2019

I recently purchased an Elie Strait 120 based , in part , on the reviews written here . As well, I've paddled off and on for a number of years so althought I didn't currently own a boat I did have some idea what I wanted /needed in one .

Two factors helped narrow the decision down .The boat had to be light and manageable on my own and it had to fit in my storage shed ....12 foot max . I realize these factors should perhaps NOT be top of the list but once I put them there the choice became easier to make . I researched the rec boats offered locally and kept coming back to the Elie boat based on specs and my criteria . Ultimately a sale price came up that I could not turn down and I bought the boat .

So I've had it out several times now and I have to say that most of what people here reported I would concur with . It IS a great boat if you aren't looking for something to get you across the Pacific but gives you the option of heading out on it when conditions allow . Tracks pretty well , handles 1-2 foot swells just fine ( you'll need a skirt but the rear hatch was dry as a bone ) , its a bit more work when the wind picks up but that's to be expected with a 12 footer ....even if it has some characteristics of a longer boat . Its plenty quick ( V-hull , hard chine ) and quite stable . I like it a lot . For a rec boat it lacks nothing , in my estimation . It responds pretty quickly and .........well its very light ,at 42 pounds ( I'm 67 and will be more likely to use a boat that doesn't wear me out BEFORE the paddling ) , AND fits in my storage shed


The Strait 120 is good,…

Submitted by: valsdad on 10/18/2016
The Strait 120 is good, reasonably priced camp kayak that will accommodate a wide range of kayakers (I'm about 5'10", 160 pounds). Light (42 pounds), quite comfortable seat and cockpit, efficient, stable and nice attention to manufacturing detail. As expected of a boat of this length, tracking is fair, at best. Would purchase again.

I love this boat. It's light…

Submitted by: donswifey1 on 9/2/2016
I love this boat. It's light and tracks better than most boats this short. Great lines. The thigh braces are the best I've used. The adjustable-height back rest is really nice too.

It's a shame they discontinued the Strait 120 XE model - I wanted one with 2 bulk heads. They tout this as being designed for women, but if it tips and fills with water no woman I know will be able to get it to shore to empty it. I am installing a second bulk head for that reason. Aside from that, an awesome boat for small lakes and slow moving rivers and streams.


Purchased Elie Strait 120…

Submitted by: Pattio on 8/25/2015
Purchased Elie Strait 120 (spring 2015) and am extremely happy with this kayak. I own (2) 16'9 - 18'0 touring kayaks so was skeptical about being happy with a shorter boat; however, I have not been disappointed - the Strait 120 handles beautifully! It is well constructed (Poly XR) and is easy to load/carry/transport.

Could not speak higher of the…

Submitted by: paddler236270 on 6/16/2015
Could not speak higher of the Elie 12 Strait! From the construction to the company itself it and they are truly world class. The Elie Strait is perfect for the day tripper in all of us. Light weight, plenty of cargo space which is water tight I must add and quick response and beautiful tracking make this kayak a must for your next kayak purchase. Whether you're taking a quick paddle down the outlet or a long distance lake paddle this is the kayak for you! Elie Sport truly went above and beyond with this kayak.

If you have never owned an Elie kayak I would highly recommend one! Superior design and customer service that others should strive to be, make this company truly world class! Do yourself a favor and make sure that your next kayak is from the Elie family, you won't be disappointed!


Now that I've had my Strait…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/15/2014
Now that I've had my Strait 120 several months, I feel I can contribute a few comments. Bottom line: I am please with my purchase. Negative comments: Instead of the miniscule forward storage compartment, they should have a) provided a larger one or b) provided a bulkhead for more forward flotation. You cannot have both. Finding that storage bin almost useless, I installed a flotation bag in its place to create more float. Now I have reduced storage but more safety if I need it. The seat adjustments are mysterious. I have been back to my purchase source twice but still am not convinced the adjustment straps work as intended. The rear hatch with its easy opening pivot handles is nice. No leaks. The boat is a comfortable, all around good boat for the flat water paddler.

My Elie Strait 120 is…

Submitted by: veronica on 7/26/2013
My Elie Strait 120 is comfortable, tracks well and is lightweight and durable. It weighs in at 46 pounds and is easy to transport but does not sacrifice durability for lack of weight. Due to its 3 layer polyethylene construction which includes a special resin in the top layer, it is not "soft" as in some of the other light weight kayaks. I just had it out on Lake Huron in moderate waves, and it handled beautifully. I haven't quite figured out the correct seat adjustment that would make it most comfortable. I am 5'll" and my long lets fit comfortably under the deck.

I would recommend this kayak for someone who wants a light weight, moderately priced nice boat...and it's pretty, too! Great for beginners and intermediate kayakers


Living in Atlanta presents…

Submitted by: patrickinss on 7/25/2013
Living in Atlanta presents many opportunities for paddlers. Salt water (the Gulf or Atlantic Ocean) can be found after a 5-6 hour drive. Flat, class II and below rivers are abundant as well as class III+. With all of the lakes being man-made we don’t have 5-10 mile wide stretches that you find elsewhere and the lakes are rather calm. Having grown up paddling a canoe I didn't know whether I wanted a 10' play boat, a 17' sea kayak or something in between. I also wondered if a touring kayak would be too constricting for a leisurely afternoon paddle and whether or not a recreational boat would be too stable and boring.

If you paddle you likely enjoy other outdoor activities. I'm no different, I enjoying camping, hiking and backpacking, so I was looking for a kayak that fit the following criteria:
• stern hatch, possible bow hatch – at a minimum it had to carry a tent, sleeping bag and food for a weekend trip
• 12-14' touring kayak with maximum empty weight of 50lbs
• price under $1400 new
• not made in China

After borrowing boats, demoing at festivals and renting over a three year period (I paddle a lot, don't think I'm a once a year warrior) I narrowed my choices to a select few models. In the end, the Straight fit the criteria. I was leaning towards the 14' boat until I gave the 12'er a try. I'm 5'10" and 165lbs and the 12' boat is what I went with. I've paddled this boat for nearly four months and have no complaints, not to mention the boat gets many compliments.

It has great initial stability with a fair amount of gear in the hatch, in a dry bag stuffed in the bow or empty. Unlike many other 12' boats it has a hull that lets you get on edge. I'm able to maneuver as well as any smaller boat. I've run the class II Hiawassee, played around longer in eddies and tougher stuff and opened her up in the flats to catch-up with friends that left earlier.

The boat is easy to put on the roof of my Outback. I've portaged a few long hauls and didn't grow tired with it on my hip nor over my head. For those wanting a rudder I'll repeat what I heard from a senior paddler, "Learn proper paddle strokes and skip the rudder on any boat under 14'." Sage advice, not to mention you save $200 and 5 pounds!

Safety is a concern for all paddlers since we can't breathe water for very long. The boat has deck lines on the bow, enabling an easier self or assisted rescue. Look at the 8-12' boats on the river and you won't find deck lines any place.

The hatches are typical, if you get the boat swamped they'll leak a bit but no hatch is 100% sealed. The stern hatch is very easy to access while in the boat, btw. The decals come off way too easily.

Ultimate test is on the water or is it a service call? I had an issue requiring me to contact customer service. The contact cement they use must be weak. Both of the foam padding parts on the thigh brace came loose after one month. The company sent new thigh braces and they arrived within a week. They also sent hip braces too even though I never mentioned that item. I've been lazy and haven't replaced the foam nor have I put additional contact cement on the loose portion. I think the production person may have skimped on the glue as the remaining area is secure after much use.
Still to review – a salt water paddle and high winds.

If you want a new, fun, inexpensive all around boat for $800 or so (USD) I'd high suggest you give the Straight a look and certainly don’t discount the fact it is only 12'.

PS - I often wonder in reviews what the 2nd option would be so I'll share mine with you. If I was to buy another 12' boat I would get the Delta. However, I bought the Straight, spray skirt, cockpit cover and carbon paddle for the price of the Delta.


I am very much a beginner, so let's start there. I received…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2012
I am very much a beginner, so let's start there.
I received the Elie Strait 120 as a gift from my wife for our anniversary. I finally got it wet this weekend with something other than pool water. We went out to Topsail Island NC near Surf City and put in to the ocean side. The boat was much more capable than I was. It handled well and took quite a pounding with nary a blemish. With Tropical Storm Alberto sitting off the coast we were facing 6-10 foot storm waves. I am sure that is nothing to most of you, but bracing is not reflexive yet for me and I do not have a reliable roll so I spent a lot of time swimming the boat in and trying another surf launch. Self rescue and pumping through the skirt did not seem viable in the surf zone.

Once I got past the breakers, about 1/2 mile out, the boat was quite pleasant on the rolling sea with just enough stability that I didn't feel nervous and enough secondary stability that I stayed very buoyant and stable as the waves rolled under me. I now understand primary and secondary stability much better.

The 12 foot length made it a nice surfing boat and it was very maneuverable and responsive. The waterproof bag in the bow hatch... failed and the rear bulkhead was not entirely watertight, but I think in more capable hands it would have taken on much less water. After a few hours of ocean pummeling we transitioned to the ICW on the Sound side of Topsail Island and paddled on calmer water with a stiff northerly breeze, about 17 knots worth. Again, the boat just rode up over swells and wakes from the bigger boats on the ICW and I did not feel unstable at all.

The boat was quite fast for it's length and handled very well. The seat was quite comfortable, even after about 4-5 miles of paddling, with no unsettling effects in my lower limbs. On the downwind leg, headed home, we had a right rear quartering wind and there was some tendency to weathercock but a slight lean and the occasional bow stroke was all I needed to track straight.

I am planning to work up to longer trips so this will not be my long term boat, but it seems like a great boat to get a base-set of skills in. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a light quick boat with features normally found on much more expensive boats. That makes it a solid buy, especially if you want to get started kayaking without dropping four or five grand for a composite. I kitted it out with a Sealz 1.7 skirt, a Werner Skagit paddle and an Astral V-8 vest. For the 56 degree water, I had a full sleeve wet top. A local loaned me a helmet and I was grateful for it.

The Strait 120 exceeded all of my expectations so I rated it a 9. I have very little experience to compare it to anything else or it may have gotten a 10.