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Over decade ago I bought two…

Submitted by: RobertH on 7/19/2016
Over decade ago I bought two Dimension Escapade kayaks as beginner boats. They were an economic way to get the kids and grandparents out on the water as they were great beginner boats. They were not intended for overnight trips but were beginner boats and good at it. Over the years they have been well used and eventfully one was sold off to a friend so his son could learn. But the other was fixed up for fishing and was out just over the weekend. It still has many years of paddling it.

Awesome. I have had mine for…

Submitted by: paddler236685 on 4/1/2016
Awesome. I have had mine for five years. She has seen a lot of water here in Wisco. The ultimate fishing kayak as well. Extremely happy.

I bought one yesterday (March…

Submitted by: paddler234462 on 3/20/2012
I bought one yesterday (March 18 2012), for $125 with a paddle, car carrier, and PFD. Could not believe the deal. I have two either kayaks (Old Town Adventure XL 139, and a classic 70's canvas 16 footer) but wanted a small play boat. Have paddled the escapade before at a cottage a couple years back. Awesome boat. Pick it up if you find it cheap. Major score yesterday.

I bought an old Dimension…

Submitted by: paddler234157 on 7/20/2011
I bought an old Dimension Escapade for my girlfriend for only $150, tried it out first of course ;) This boat is awesome; best $150 I ever spent. It didn't have a drain hole in the nose, but I drilled one in. Great boat for the money; looking to get one for myself now.

Bought one in spring of 2010…

Submitted by: paddler233803 on 9/7/2010
Bought one in spring of 2010 for my 13 year old son and he loves it. He bobs around like a cork in it and handles quite well. We've had it in up to Class III and he's had no problems at all. Great little kayak.

At $279 CDN, my wife and I…

Submitted by: canoe65 on 7/8/2008
At $279 CDN, my wife and I just bought two Dimension Escapade kayaks. We love this new sport. I have been a canoe tripper for over 30 years and I was a little reserved about buying these kayaks. But after have testing them out extensively on a lake near our cottage and on a calm Georgian Bay, we are ecstatic with our purchases.

These kayaks track very well and are effortless to paddle. The seat, cockpit and leg room (with adjustable foot braces) make for a comfortable ride. They seem quite stable and have a modest amount of storage space behind the seat for a full day excursion. We do not intend to use them in white water, but they are excellent on lakes and as 'play boats' in Georgian Bay waves. These are great, affordable kayaks that should last us a long time.


I have acquired an Escapde…

Submitted by: paddler232683 on 6/24/2008
I have acquired an Escapde from a friend recently and I love it! Most people stick to what it's recommended for, which is safe, but I have had mine on class II+ rivers and it does great! Great stability! Although, watch how much 303 you put on it because it tends to get a little slick. I have had no problem even surfing this yak. Great for beginners up to intermediate level paddlers. If you find a used one out there, pick it up for an extra.

While the boat is a great…

Submitted by: Hoggie1 on 5/9/2007
While the boat is a great beginers boat I have to say that service from the folks at Dimension is very poor. I have a leak in the seat that cause the boat to hold a lot of water and weight making it unstable and dangerous. I have called Dimension 3 times and have never had any response or willing for them to support their product even though it is still on warranty. Even though it is not an expensive touring boat, it would be nice to have a bit of service and consideration from the company!

Bought two for the kids (12…

Submitted by: paddler231396 on 12/1/2005
Bought two for the kids (12 and 13). They love them. The four of us have taken them out with a canoe and have had a great canoe-kayak trip. The kayaks are stable and offer the kids the experience of kayaking without going to financial extremes. They do tend to get uncomfortable over long distances, but that is to be expected for a beginner kayak.

A very solid beginners kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler230559 on 5/17/2004
A very solid beginners kayak. At 9'6 it's easy to transport although seemed heavier than 39 lbs. Width makes it very stable in low turbulance water like rivers and small lakes. It also slows distance paddling down. A fun kayak!

I bought our kayak this…

Submitted by: red1 on 12/3/2003
I bought our kayak this summer, a deal on a renter. Didn't even try it first. (Have wanted one for 25 years, grew up with a cedarstrip canoe...)and I am SO hooked!! Live 200' from Lake St. Louis near Montreal, and have occasional use of a family cottage in Laurentians. What a change a summer makes! Very kid-friendly, steady kayak. What did we do before this?

It handles well in wind or light current. Travels well - Easily mounted on car, foam blocks and straps are enough to mount it, even on a windy day. We even squeezed it into a van. Built a carrier from the back wheels of a tricycle & wood to walk down to the water. Highly recommend the Escapade as a perfect family kayak, or if small size/portability is important.


For a Kayak priced at $269,…

Submitted by: paddler228919 on 9/20/2000
For a Kayak priced at $269, this is a must have. Stability is superb, tracking is pretty good. Speed is something that it lacks, but at 9'6" its pretty fast. Great for lakes and light river kayaking. A thumbs up for anyone interested in taking up kayaking at an affordable price. Happy Paddling!