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Impulse Reviews

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This is a good beginner ww…

Submitted by: billcanoes on 7/17/2013
This is a good beginner ww boat - It's stable, lots of rocker, and the royalex in it is better than the royalite, or newer royalex the canoe companies use now. I thought the boat was a little sluggish and was comparable to Mad River Outrage X

Great boat for big water and…

Submitted by: paddler232008 on 4/30/2007
Great boat for big water and overnight trips.Is fine for paddling open water as well, due to it's length/tracking small enough to get in and out of tight places, is challenging to say the least when it comes to wave riding, but it purpose really is elsewhere on bigger water.If you looking for an absolute playboat like Ocoee, may not be your thing.I love mine and enjoy it completely whether I'm paddling for sport or just using it to access fishing spots.

This is my first oc1, I find…

Submitted by: paddler231942 on 2/28/2007
This is my first oc1, I find it very stable and feel like I'm learning the rivers better than with the MR outrage I first paddled since the impulse requires less attention. Its more difficult to play in tight areas. I like it.

The Impulse is very stable…

Submitted by: ohioboater on 10/23/2006
The Impulse is very stable and fairly dry, but otherwise a real pig - slow for its length and hard to turn.

I learned solo open boating in an Impulse and always thought that my dislike of the design was just a side effect of the steep learning curve - any solo WW boat will be very frustrating during your first few outings. Then I jumped into an Impulse again recently and discovered that it's just as unresponsive, slow and piggish for an experienced paddler as it is for a beginner.

Even with it being several years since Dagger quit making canoes, Impulses still are pretty common on the used market. There is a reason for this...


This is one of my four dagger…

Submitted by: daggeroc1 on 10/10/2006
This is one of my four dagger oc products. It does not get used as much as it used to but it is still a favorite and has a niche. The boat is very stable, turns well for a 12'8" boat, is very easy to surf, play and work the river. You can ww trip with it, and it absolutely excels on big water. Excellent for a beginner to learn from or and experienced paddler that wants a boat that does not demand your attention on the water.

Royalex/ash: I outfitted this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/14/2005
Royalex/ash: I outfitted this canoe with small flotation bags, knee pads, floating painters at both ends and a zillion tiedowns. Then I added 100 lb of gear and took it down the middle fork (class 4) without raft support. Its performance was all one could want. As a classic whitewater canoe, it is squirrelly on flatwater, but pays off big when the going gets rough.

This boat is SLOW to turn, to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/6/2004
This boat is SLOW to turn, to accelerate, to react to what you're telling it to do. It takes a lot of effort to get it on and keep it on surf waves. But it is a dry boat and stable too. A good boat for someone not looking to get into tight class 3 and up.

This boat is very dry in big…

Submitted by: paddler229558 on 1/8/2002
This boat is very dry in big water compared to my previous mad river ME. Its the perfect solo boat for big paddlers 250 pounds and more. It is stable, predictable and easy to surf.

Great Boat!!! I bought this…

Submitted by: paddler229493 on 10/16/2001
Great Boat!!! I bought this boat on the reccomendation of several paddlers, and have absolutely fallen in love with it!! I had paddled a 16 foot boat solo for a while, so it took some getting used to, but once I did, it's incredible. I immediately surfed a big III on my first trip in this boat. It's so stable, I put a gunwale under water and was able to recover with ease. I would reccomend this boat to anyone looking to make the transition to a solo boat.

Slow, rolls poorly, no carve.…

Submitted by: paddler228864 on 8/27/2000
Slow, rolls poorly, no carve. Try a Mohawk Probe, dagger Ovation or Rival as entry level boat you can grow into.

This small boat is lively…

Submitted by: paddler228081 on 5/2/1999
This small boat is lively enough to play with, yet stable enough to provide a good platform to learn from.