Name: daggeroc1

Most Recent Reviews

I own four dagger whitewater OC's and this one is the most predictable of them all. It does almost everything well. Surfs and plays great, is very dry for its length, excels on creeky water, and is extremely manuverable. Only negative, it can be a bit slow which can make upstream moves a bit more difficult. Would work for a beginner to grow into but is a great and fun boat for the experienced boater.

This is one of my four dagger oc products. It does not get used as much as it used to but it is still a favorite and has a niche. The boat is very stable, turns well for a 12'8" boat, is very easy to surf, play and work the river. You can ww trip with it, and it absolutely excels on big water. Excellent for a beginner to learn from or and experienced paddler that wants a boat that does not demand your attention on the water.

I just bought one and reoutfitted it to my liking. The Prophet is one of the best OC's I've ever been in. Plays and surfs well, spins on a dime, responsive, easy to put where you want it and is extremely dry. A little slow on attainaments but I am still getting used to setting angles with it.