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Vision 130 Description

If you're looking for a small sized transitional kayak, the composite Vision 130 is the boat for you. A bit more nimble than the 14' and 15' models, it has a unique handling and confidence inspiring feel. Like all of the Visions, this kayak features the safety of two bulkheads. Try one out to fully appreciate the weight and fit of the Vision 130.

Vision 130 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Revolution Seating System
  • Dimension Adjustable Seat Back
  • SmartTrack Foot Brace
  • Vision Hatch Covers
  • Vision Hybrid Colors
  • Vision Adjustable Thigh Brace

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Vision 130 Reviews

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Love this kayak, great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/8/2021

Love this kayak, great paddling experience, very easy to car top anywhere, love the seating, thigh and foot bracing. Tracks nicely. Easy to maneuver light weight.


Updated review

Submitted by: valsdad on 5/29/2017

If you take the seat out of the equation, this is a great little kayak. It’s fast, maneuverable and lightweight. Though it has a rounded hull, it tracks surprisingly well. For four or five months I’ve paddled the creeks and rivers of Mississippi, and while it's been a lot of fun, the Vision 130 has suffered a lot of abuse from submerged logs and stumps. The carbon/Kevlar layup is not meant for such. I’m 5’10, 160 pounds and this boat is a perfect fit.

The outfitting in my boat is poorly configured: the ratcheting for the back band is in an awkward place, and unless it’s adjusted to certain setting, your leg rubs against it. The padding on the backrest is not secured well and detaches easily. Judging from the serial number, this boat was manufactured in 2013. Maybe CD has made improvements by now.


This is a sweet little boat.…

Submitted by: valsdad on 10/18/2016
This is a sweet little boat. Great seat and a well-appointed cockpit make it a good, comfortable fit (I’m 5’10” and about 160 pounds). Efficiency is surprisingly good; tracking is good for a boat with a rounded hull. Primary stability is good; secondary stability is close to non-existent. When testing it on my first outing, I ended up in the river.

Current Designs does a good job with cargo storage, though I wish they had used a different deck bungee system, one that goes around hooks and is easily rearranged; these are held in place with posts attached to the boat with Phillips-head screws. Otherwise I'm well pleased.


Have been kayaking since…

Submitted by: sdudley on 8/3/2016

Have been kayaking since 2006 in the WS Pungo 120. Am trying to upgrade to a faster, lighter sea touring boat that can handle high winds on the I.C.W. in N.C. I tried the composite (fiberglass) version of the Vision 130 on Megunticook lake in Camden, ME, in 6 mph wind. The boat was light, which I appreciated & the seat was comfortable.

However, the boat pulled to the right going into the wind, across the wind, and downwind. It pulled to the right with the skeg up, down, or halfway, requiring sweeping, leaning, bracing to compensate. AND, it was as slow as my Pungo, requiring the same paddling effort.

The "customer service" manager at Maine Outdoor Outfitters (in Rockport, ME) said I might be "feathering". As I explained to her, my WS Pungo doesn't pull to the right, nor did the WS Tempest I used for a day on Lake Pemaquid in 20+ mph winds, nor did a neighbor's Old Town that I tried out on Megunticook. And, since then I have tried L.L. Bean's Perception Casco (a.k.a. Perception "Expression") 15.5', the WS Tsumami 140, as well as my neighbor's Lincoln Monhegan & none of these pulled to the right.

This & other comments/attitude by the manager have turned me completely off to Maine Outdoor Outfitters. Not to mention L.L. Bean offers a 100% complete customer satisfaction warranty.

The hardware on the Vision 130 & the 140 appeared a bit chintzy, which was confirmed when I, briefly, tried the Vision 140 & found the rudder difficult to raise/lower. My husband further confirmed my observations when the rudder cord broke out of its fitting during his test of the 140. This could just be that Maine Outdoor Outfitters doesn't keep their boats in a stellar state of repair - hard to say.


I was kayaking yesterday and…

Submitted by: paddler236149 on 3/1/2015
I was kayaking yesterday and realized, that I really love this kayak and want to share to anyone interested. Why? This boat is light, I guess around 34 pounds, which makes it easy to lift. It is well constructed. I actually, had it fall out of my car and hit the pavement, (I was stopped) with really no damage, (few scratches).

On the water it tracks well. I am able to maintain a straight line, by slightly leaning one way or the other, almost intuitively. It is fun to have a shorter boat, and be able to feel much more nimble then, the long sea kayak I am used to. I have done some wave surfing from boats and find my kayak is very adept at being able to use that energy to move forward. So far I have never felt like I might flip. The platform is stable. And in the situations, that look risky, like strong current, I have had no problems in the handling of the boat.

All in all this is a fun boat, and I can highly recommend it.


Nice little boat; well…

Submitted by: prospector_rich on 6/5/2012
Nice little boat; well constructed, light, maneuverable, big cockpit... I slip right in, easily rolled, zips right along. I would recommend it, if you can afford it.

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