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I have had mine since 2011…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/18/2021
I have had mine since 2011 and love it. I use a Minn Kota Endura trolling motor and it move at a fair speed. I also built and installed outriggers for when I go out in the bay or Gulf. For the most part it has hauled everything I have put in her including; tackle box, rods, tent, cooler, camp stove and everything else you would need to spend four days on a river. Or camping on an island. Only thing I ever found a problem with is going to fast that the back drops in the water.

I love this Scanoe! Back in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/13/2020
I love this Scanoe! Back in 2010 I was looking for a vessel that could be used on the Elkhart River to fish for Smallmouth. I saw an ad on Craig's List for a Scanoe with trailer for $500 about 40 miles from me. I called and was told it was available but he had several calls and is telling everyone that the first one with cash gets it. I told him I was on my way. So I raced to his place and it was still available. I was stoked! I made the purchase and have been using it ever since. I have made several modifications to it as well. I was lucky that it had the middle seat. I replaced those plastic seats with high quality padded swivel seats. Note: if you do this, you MUST install your 3/4" marine grade plywood UNDER the seat frame. I mounted it on top the first time since it is 1000 times easier but then, when me, my wife and a friend took it out. We did not get 20 feet off the bank and had to milk it back to shore. The center of gravity was too high and it felt like it was going to roll. Hard to believe that 3/4 of an inch makes a difference but it does. We moved the plywood to the bottom of the frame and it was a rock star! The 3 of us use this baby every chance we get. It takes us, a Yeti cooler with 18-24 beers, ice, rods, tackle battery and a 55 lb Minn Kota with zero issues. We have a blast. Typically, we spot a car downstream and then launch upstream. That way we only use the battery for maneuvering if someone gets snagged. We draft maybe 4-6 inches tops. We silently crush smallies and pike all day. I have a regular canoe that I clamp to the scanoe during mid-summer when the flow is at 500 cubic fps or less so wee can take another couple with us. Then we unclamp when we get to the good holes, then rejoin to move on down the paddling for anyone! I have the plans already in place to modify the trailer to haul 2 scanoes stacked. All I have to do is find one though, I have looked for a second one for years and cannot find one reasonably close. But I will keep looking and one day, I will get a second one, get it all geared up and be able to take 6 people out on the river to enjoy some great fishing! Best vessel ever for the money!

I can tell you from many…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2020
I can tell you from many years of first hand experience that after quartering and loading a Moose, you can climb in and paddle back up the river. People say they are unstable but I think they must be. I've only about rolled one and it was my fault. Wish I still had one.

on a lark, I bought a scanoe…

Submitted by: paddler497355 on 4/1/2019

on a lark, I bought a scanoe and put the canoe in at Fort Providence, NWT and took that canoe 450 miles down the MacKenzie River in Canada's NWT. That was a whooper, life time experience and that canoe was superb.... REally, a small craft compared to the river I was dealing with but truly an amazing adventure and that little craft came thru time and time again. very stable despite the big load I threw at it.. yeah I cheated a bit and threw a 4.5 merc in the back.. thank god... that is the most amazing adventure, some close calls but the craft held solid to me... thanks to all who designed and made this craft... well done


I bought a 14 scanoe last…

Submitted by: captgary07 on 1/14/2015
I bought a 14 scanoe last fall at Dicks Sporting Goods and read a lot of reviews afterwards. Saw some where people said they were very unstable and tippy even some had capsized. Well I have news: I got to Florida and finally got mine in the water yesterday and it is very stable, I could stand up and move around and even change seats.

I found out when alone in the wind sit in the middle seat to keep the bow down so you can control it better. Can't wait to take it out next time and put the electric motor on it. Oh and by the way I even paddled out into Tampa Bay with it yesterday against the wind and tide with no problem. This is my first canoe after having many big boats and 15 years captain on a 65 footer.


The Coleman Scanoe is very…

Submitted by: paddler235930 on 9/4/2014
The Coleman Scanoe is very stable floating anywhere. The flat back can handle a small electric motor. It is made out of Ram-X material, which has held up very well in the river. We have had this product for over 15 years.

Overall I am very pleased…

Submitted by: paddler235749 on 7/16/2014

Overall I am very pleased with the canoe. Easy to maneuver around unexpected obstacles and in shallow areas it flexes allowing the canoe to continue moving without getting stuck. It does scratch easily so there's no way I can say if it'll last but as of now I'm extremely pleased with it. Well worth the money.


I've owned several of the…

Submitted by: paddler235472 on 3/23/2014
I've owned several of the old-school aluminum tube frame Scanoes over the years. They're cheap, tough, and versatile. I've used mine for hunting and fishing throughout Interior Alaska. It easily carries an entire moose (quartered up, obviously) and 2 guys. It is more manueverable than people give it credit for once you get used to how to handle it.

I got my Scanoe in June of…

Submitted by: MADfisherman on 9/11/2013
I got my Scanoe in June of this year and I love it. I also have a bassboat and did a lot of fishing on Lake Michigan running a charter business with the family. I've been in boats all my life. I can get this boat into places that I can't with any other boat to fish and lakes that you can only bring boats with electric motors. I put a 50lbs. trolling motor on it and have a portable fish locator.

I've had the wife and kids on it and it's a stable boat. Now I'm just getting it personalized and comfortable for fishing. The best part is that I have a Hyundi Tiburon and a old ski tote carrier for the top of the car that the canoe fits on perfect for hauling.(I don't have to use my Ford F250) It's pretty easy to get it on the top of my car. I now can't wait until next spring so I can fish out of it. I just got back from taking it to a place in Michigan fishing and caught a bunch of fish that I wouldn't have been able to get to in a bigger boat.

Like I said I really like the canoe and can't wait till next season.(this season isn't over yet) I would recommend this canoe to anyone. It's a great boat to get out in and enjoy the outdoors.


I bought my Scanoe 2 months…

Submitted by: paddler235265 on 8/7/2013
I bought my Scanoe 2 months ago. I was able to mount swivel chairs in the front and the back without adding any new holes to the canoe... it is a Cadillac now. It adds a little weight, but it saves your back while operating the motor.
Overall, I love my boat.

The Coleman Scanoe is not a…

Submitted by: jpdoojr on 7/27/2013
The Coleman Scanoe is not a canoe and is not a boat. What it is versatile. I've owned one for 30+ years and it's still going strong. I'm a fisherman and have paddle and used an electric trolling motor while fishing the Fall River in Northern California. I've also mounted a 5-horsepower Honda outboard on it for cruising and fishing lakes.

It's very stable, I've never flipped it. One person at a time can safely stand up in it for a stretch. My original Scanoe is dented in places and has been repaired in several areas, but is still going strong. I recently picked up a like-new later, and much lighter model at a great price. I now have two.


This boat was my first canoe.…

Submitted by: paddler235214 on 7/27/2013
This boat was my first canoe. It is a tank of a canoe. That means it can take a beating and never look back. That also means that it is heavy as can be and paddling it can be tiresome. If your gonna use this boat make sure you have your trolling motor! It can hold a ton of gear or a few people. I have never regretted buying this boat and when my dad retired I gave to him to go fishing, he loves it too!

I bought my scanoe in May…

Submitted by: paddler235030 on 6/4/2013
I bought my scanoe in May 2013. My son and I had a blast the first time out. It moved along very easy paddling. But 1/2 a day wore us out, still fun though. I have a Minn Kota Endura C2 50lb. thrust trolling motor. And extended the wires with 6 ga. to the battery in front of the middle seat. Wow, that made all the difference, My brother and I both weigh about 210 lbs. and it moved us about with no problem. Still enjoyed the paddling going into coves where stumps might hit the motor. I love it.. little bit over $600.00 for everything. Boat, Motor, Battery, paddles, life jackets.. only complaint: I need to find the right padded SEATS for it. lol

This is a great product. I…

Submitted by: paddler234673 on 7/20/2012
This is a great product. I added Wa-nowah clamp on oar locks and use pontoon boat paddles. Very stable, easy to troll, and moves around real well. Would be nice if it came with a backed seat though. Very happy with this product.

As stated by another…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/4/2012

As stated by another reviewer, about the only problem with this canoe is it is easily scratched/gouged, especially at launch. Other than that, this is an excellent canoe. I have outfitted mine with 54lb-force trolling motor, which moves it rather fast yet quiet.

Unlike other square stern canoes, this canoe's stern tapers like a traditional canoe, so it's still very easily paddled. It is rather heavy at about 85lbs, but it has decent capacity at 650lbs. Seats 3, and the seats are actually quite comfortable. No storage compartments in the seats, but they do offer drink/rod holders.

Probably the cheapest canoe available -- typically priced around $400, but frequently goes on sale for $350. I believe it's actually made by KL Industries and simply rebadged by Coleman. I haul it on a folding utility trailer from Harbor Freight, since it's simply too heavy for one person to load on a car roof. I do store mine hanging from the rafters in the garage, and it's not too difficult to muscle it up there.

Overall great canoe -- I've had a lot of fun rigging it out to be a really nice fishing canoe for me and my two adolescent sons.


A very nice entry level…

Submitted by: paddler234113 on 7/8/2011

A very nice entry level canoe. It's a little heavy for one person at 84 lbs. but not unmanageable. I like it better than Colemans old Scanoe with the aluminum pipe reinforcement. The bottom scratches and gets gouged easily so I wonder about its longevity. A good deal when found on sale at $300.


I bought my interior…

Submitted by: paddler234051 on 6/8/2011
I bought my interior aluminum-tube framed Scanoe in 1983 from Evans Jewelers & Distributors (!) for $205, probably at cost because they weren't selling well. It's extremely durable, stable and relatively roomy for a canoe-type vessel. It can be paddled in a pinch or when floating downstream. With a transom mounted Minn Kota 35 lb thrust motor, it clips along over our local reservoir as quickly as those sparkly bass boats with the big electric motors & golf cart batteries.

To keep the bow of your Scanoe down in the water and increase its stability, a deep cycle battery placed just behind the bow seat is perfect. I installed 4 ga. wire from a connection box under the stern seat, where the motor's alligator clamps attach, and the wires terminate at the bow seat at a set of battery clamps. I'm on my 4th battery and I've run this rig all day on the Chesapeake's tidal rivers, in the Bay proper, the upper Potomac and our local fresh water reservoirs. I also have used a 5hp 1967 Evinrude outboard (Fisherman - no gears, 2-cycle, very light) and the Scanoe clips along steadily but it will never "get up on plane" - don't expect speed out of this thing. Just remember that this boat gets more steady by increasing the load along its length - too much weight in the stern will allow it to roll over!

To move a Scanoe over short distances, install a 36" 2x4 across the stern with 8" wheels lag-bolted to the ends (use fender washers and don't tighten bolts - the wheels have to turn freely). Run two 5" carriage bolts through the 2x4 to matching holes in the transom. Turn the boat over, lift the stern, slip the carriage bolts into the transom holes and drop the boat onto the wheeled 2x4. Now you lift the bow and wheel the boat to the water or around the yard without lifting it & killing yourself. Drill holes through the carriage bolt shafts for spring clips to keep the 2x4 from coming loose from the transom. Pull out the spring clips at the water and toss the dolly in the truck for later.

Store this, and any, plastic boat out of the sun! UV rays will cause cracking in the Polyethylene hull. If your boat does develop cracks, another post here has a link to bulls-eye-trading, good folks who sell the only patch kit I could find on the Web. It works! Best of luck and please be careful!


I purchased the scanoe as an…

Submitted by: paddler234023 on 5/31/2011
I purchased the scanoe as an alternative for ponds, lakes, and creeks that I could not get my bass boat into. Wow what a great investment, I load my scanoe into the top of my pacific with a yakima canoe carrying kit. The scanoe at 55lbs is not that heavy at all compared to other canoes at 80lbs+. With some care I can load and unload it myself but it is much easier with help. I use a 36lb thrust Minn Kota endura with a deep cycle battery and can run all day with no problem. I would definitely recommend installing a padded canoe or Jon boat seat as well as a tiller extension handle as steering is a bit uncomfortable from the back without them. For solo trips I load my battery in the front of the canoe with my gear in the middle for proper weight distribution. I have a bigfoot i/o peddle installed so sometimes I will turn the motor on full speed and steer with the paddle. The boat tracks really well and is stable enough to stand and fish from. I plan to install a fish finder, running lights, and pole holders for trolling. Well worth the $300 I would definitely buy another!

I run my scanoe with a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2010
I run my scanoe with a mercury 8hp engine. I love it. I take it fishing and hunting on the Yukon river in Alaska. It does great in shallow rivers and streams. It is also very stable even with a heavy load. I even put a moose in it! Great boat.

Yeah these things are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/10/2010
Yeah these things are excellent. Our family has had one for 30 years and it is still in great condition. It spends most of its time in my back yard and has been through just about everything. It really is amazing how durable these things are. We still use it quite frequently and aside from two tiny cracks that were easily sealed with billy mays's magic puddy its in perfect condition. I like to use it for river camping and there is plenty of room to store everything you need and it is also very stable.

I purchased my Scanoe back in…

Submitted by: radar1 on 5/24/2010
I purchased my Scanoe back in the early 80's in Omaha. I've had it in lakes, rivers, and even off the Carolina coast. Early on I used it for fishing, and it's a very stable platform. Now I'm more into kayaking on rivers, but I still use the Scanoe when camping overnight on rivers due to it's cargo capacity, and also take it down the Chattahoochee with class 1-2 shoals when our group does river cleanups. I've hauled truck tires, wooden ramps, and a gazillion basketballs and plastic bottles in the Scanoe during cleanups. The only downside is the weight, but as long as I can hold onto the crossbar while balancing the optional middle seat on my shoulders, it is actually fairly easy to carry and load on the T-bar on the back of my truck.

I bought a Scanoe, new, in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2009
I bought a Scanoe, new, in 1982 and have put thousands of hours floating and fishing out of it. It's been great. It did develop two dime sized holes in the bottom where the Aluminum supports rubbed. I patched it by roughing it up with 80 grit sandpaper and then using fiberglass rosin and fiberglass cloth, it has worked perfect for 2 years now.

We inherited the Scanoe when…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/11/2008
We inherited the Scanoe when the former owner of our new home left it for us when we moved in. My wife had always been afraid to be inside a canoe since we capsized trying to travel in a tippsy metal one on a fast moving river. We now restrict ourselves to only stillwater and the scanoe is perfect for this. We've been in this canoe with our two daughters and they always felt very secure and safe cruising in our stable barge. It's been great taking guests on tours of our backyard lake without scaring the heck out of people who have never been out on a body of water. Tracks very well for a canoe of this size and has wonderful stability. Makes a great recreational canoe for our large family on our flatwater lake.

These are great boats but,…

Submitted by: paddler232741 on 7/15/2008
These are great boats but, because of health problems, I have to sell mine with regrets. I had a 15' canoe and always felt like I was about to tip over. Then one day, here came a Scanoe with a Mom and Dad paddling and two 10-12 year old boys jumping around in it with their dog and a cooler. It was so stable that I immediately sold the canoe and bought a Scanoe. I installed the available center seat and put oarlocks both forward and aft so I could row it like a boat or, facing forward, scull it. Fantastic for one person operation. An old Elgin 3hp motor really made it skim along. I'm sure gonna miss it.

I bought my Coleman scanoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2008

I bought my Coleman scanoe back in 1981 had many adventures in it, fishing, river running including shooting the salt river (this river is usually dry) back in the early 80's thru Phoenix, Arizona at flood stage (235,000 fps) - by the way this is now illegal. Wow what a ride, about 5 years ago it developed a few cracks I tried the manufacturers patch kit didn't work (they no longer make this kit) I was told nothing sticks to polyethylene plastic, I used duct tape till I found repair kit at now I am having good times and great adventures with my two sons and plan on having many more. Great boat great fun.


Bought my 16'8" Scanoe in…

Submitted by: paddler232592 on 5/24/2008
Bought my 16'8" Scanoe in 1985, and several fish, moose, deer, etc later it's not really any worse for wear. Used a Johnson 4hp for a lot of the trips, a lot of rivers and lakes, some run-ins with rocks, and it's still going strong. Only complaint I ever had was the noise the aluminum subframe made on the bottom during light chop or wavelets, but tubular pipe insulation took care of that. Would strongly recommend it to anyone, especially if capacity is an issue.

I last reviewed my Scanoe in…

Submitted by: paddler230974 on 3/21/2008
I last reviewed my Scanoe in 2001 on this site. Two kids, three trucks, two cars, two dogs, 4 more bedrooms and three states later...I still love this boat.
I had a 5hp Briggs & Stratton on it for a few years, but found it to be overkill. I now use a Minn Kota Endura 50 (36" shaft). Still overkill, but I can go up moderately swift rivers very quietly and then drift back to the launch site. I still have the old Minn Kota that I used to use.

This old Scanoe takes a beating and comes back for more. I've heard it called the tugboat, green pig, creature, ... but I would take it over most other boats to get to the fish. I often flyfish for trout and find that I can drift over a hole, see the fish and the boat does not spook them. It must look like a non-threatening log. What spooks them is the shadow of my rod. I have had dozens of catches on flies dangling in the water beside the boat.

I'll admit, paddling all day could be a chore, but with a small motor it is the perfect shallow river boat that glides over most rocks when my friends in more rigid boats get stuck. Versatility, stealth, ruggedness, etc. it is a 10/10. For pretty boys paddling around, it might not be the boat for you.


Love this boat, I have a 3 hp…

Submitted by: paddler232147 on 7/3/2007
Love this boat, I have a 3 hp motor on the back and with 3 people and a full cooler I have no problems. I have been on swollen rivers at night and got stuck on a tree running across the river and was able to get free without flipping. highly recommend

This is the best boat I ever…

Submitted by: paddler232010 on 4/30/2007
This is the best boat I ever had for fishing. I have the canoe stabilizers from Spring Creek outfitters and a 40 lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor and this is one of the most versatile and stable platforms I've fished from. I use it mostly in PA lakes and did once swamp it in the stern when I failed to counter weight the bow ( I weigh 245 lbs ). Oh well, Live and learn, I usually take a fishing buddy now who sits in the front. I also have the one man canoe loader from Cabela's, which works great. I outfitted the seats with the cushioned jobs that include a back rest that make for a comfortable ride. I love this boat!

I have had the 1995 scanoe…

Submitted by: paddler231914 on 1/15/2007
I have had the 1995 scanoe and used on medium lakes, slow moving water. I put outriggers on it to fish with my young kids, this makes an already stable boat tip proof. Major problem however is that the hull gets deep scratches and if I used it alot, it would require almost yearly patches, which is hard to do. Hull material is bad, if someone made this hull design out of thin aluminum, it would be perfect. Great design, but not durrable, use duct tape to cover bow and keels or else you will have major damage soon on a rocky bank

I have purchased my SCANOE…

Submitted by: paddler231570 on 5/18/2006
I have purchased my SCANOE back before I could drive a car in the 1970's, the first year it was introduced. This boat has been stored outside 24-7 since the day I assembled it in my back yard. I am amazed at the way this boat has held up, along with the third middle seat and oars, and the roof kit are all originals from the 1970's and still look new. It has been all over the USA on top of my old Coleman pop-up trailer, which I no longer have. This boat is a bit heavy for one person, but is little effort for two adults. I have had 5 h.p. outboards, and small trolling motors on lakes and rivers. It still looks and operates as it did close to 30 years ago. Great quiet boat for fishing, excellent in shallow water. I bought it new with accessories for under $350.00. Best investment I have ever made with a "product." It's airloom status, and I still plan on using this boat many times this year as well. I have used old 2" conduit pipes (two "T" brackets one in front, one in the rear) and store it upside down out in the back yard. The only thing I have lost on this boat was the stickers that said SCANOE - who cares!

The scanoe is a great…

Submitted by: paddler231493 on 3/22/2006
The scanoe is a great watercraft. Got mine a little over a year ago and I love it. I love to bass fish and the scanoe is very quiet so as I don't scare the fish away. Me friend and I used it at least 3 times a week during fishing season and have caught 3 ten pound bass out of it last year alone. I use a 30lbs thrust trolling motor and it works very well for ponds and small lakes. Love it!!

My dad bought one of these…

Submitted by: paddler231243 on 8/8/2005
My dad bought one of these things almost 20 years ago. It was back when they were made of ABS with an aluminum frame. If you want a river-running or distance-paddling canoe get something else, but this is a really great boat for fishing. This is why - no hull slap to scare the fish (like a jon-boat), the keels keep the wind from spinning you like a top (like my old town discovery), one person can stand in it, the square end makes it easy to steer the trolling motor, and it has a nice natural green color. As I have caught dozens of monster bass right next to the boat I don't think they knew I was there. As for durability it has been sitting outside for 20 years, has been washed over the dam twice in hurricanes, and survived being scraped on rocks down the Flint River at low water for 40 miles.

I bought my Scanoe 2 years…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/2/2005
I bought my Scanoe 2 years ago after a lot of research and reviews including the ones posted here. I paid $475 for it brand new. I've had a lot of boats in the past and I have to give this one a 10 for versatility. I've read a number of comments about how heavy it is, true it is heavy. I have bought a canoe cart ($ 80.) and I also have a small utility trailer that I easily converted to carry my Scanoe and I can still use my trailer to haul whatever when my boat is not in it. I like to pan fish and now have my boat decked out for fishing.

I have an electric 40lb thrust trolling motor in the back with the battery mounted in the front, anchormates forward and aft. I put 4 eyebolts in for the anchor rope so I can control both anchors from the back. I have mounted in the back on the rear tubular handle my Lowrance XR 51 fishfinder and my GPS unit. The rear seat came with rod holders that I just replaced with rod holders set up for trolling. Something else I found this summer that worked great was buying a couple of these cheap folding nylon seats that come in a storage back form Walmart for about $5. The type you use for picnics etc. These work great and are very comfortable, I can set one up in the back turned facing the back and sit in this with my feet up on the bench seat while I am trolling…awesome! Something else I found is steering it with a paddle while using the motor worked very well and limited my need to put my arm behind my back.

The idea of launching this boat into areas that do not have boat ramps is great not to mention not waiting to launch when a bass fishing club overwhelmed the boat launch. This boat is well worth the money when you compare it to other square back canoes.

I am looking forward to a lot years of fishing and enjoyment from this boat at a price that’s affordable.


I bought the "Green Pig" used…

Submitted by: 00buck on 12/16/2004
I bought the "Green Pig" used five years ago to have an inexpensive, stable family recreational boat. It is 15'8" long with a beam of 40" and safely carried myself, two kids, wife and the dog with no fear of tipping. Typically used in lakes and occasionally on the ocean during calm days (BC, Canada). Lately I use the Scanoe for solo lake fishing day trips. Very stable and quiet but slow to paddle which is fine for trolling. I counterweighted the front with 50 to 100 lbs. I also use a Minn Kota electric or 2 hp gas with great results. Excellent recreational canoe for the money. And yes, it is very heavy although I can pick up one end, lay it into the back of my pickup, raise the other end and slide it in easily.

Have owned Scanoe for a year…

Submitted by: paddler230804 on 9/15/2004
Have owned Scanoe for a year now. Extremely satisfied, weight is biggest drawback. Just purchased 5hp Briggs & Stratton Outboard for it. With 2 180lb. people, cooler, gas and fishing equipment, able to cruise against 2 mph current at 13 mph (according to GPS). Perfect for the one man fishing river trip, one car, cruise up-river and float back down!

The only negative is that…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/28/2004
The only negative is that it's quite heavy. But, the positives are plenty. VERY stable, stores tons of stuff, easy to paddle, and works well with a trolling motor. I enjoy fishing in the SCANOE as it is plenty stable to stand up and cast in. It's also great for beginning canoers, because they just can't tip it over (ask my friend James.)

I've bought my 14 year old…

Submitted by: paddler230598 on 6/3/2004
I've bought my 14 year old Scanoe last year used for $250 and have used it at least 2 dozen times. I have found it to me one of my best investments. It is heavy and built like a tank but I have been about to portage it myself up to 1/4 mile using transom dolly wheels along with bigger center dolly wheels. The benefit of the transom dolly wheels is it allows me to load it ontop of my van's roof rack by myself. The Minnkota transom mount trolling motor makes the Scanoe perfect for lake fishing because it is stable and roomy enough for two people to cast comfortably.

I've had the scanoe (2003…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/2/2004
I've had the scanoe (2003 Ramxx) for about 10 months. I mainly use it in (large wide)big river country and quiet backwaters. Its fitted with a Mercury thruster 2hp (a gift). The motor does the job and its faster than anyone could paddle. If I was looking for a replacement it would be a 4hp. With a 2hp motor fitted and running flat out the bow is out of the water. When running solo its not excessive. Weight could be added in the bow section to correct this. In my opinon the scanoe is best suited to lakes, wide rivers and backwaters. If you stay away from rapids and store it away from the sun you would expect to enjoy many years with your Scanoe.

Last summer I had the (not…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/24/2003
Last summer I had the (not so) pleasent experience of floating the Current River in a Scanoe. First things first, I got stuck with my freaking director (I was enrolled in job corps, and I got stuck with the HEAD HONCHO! My center Director! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!) I've tried to repress these memories as well as possible, but its time to share with yall what a piece of crap this thing is. Stability gets a 3. Handling gets 2. Capacity gets 4. Floatibility (Over shallow bottom scrapers) gets a -14. Director Riggle got in the back and FISHED the entire time. I love to fish, but in a new boat with a new partner that don't know jack in the first place??? NO!!!! The River wasnt even low, but we got hung up 8 or 9 times of a 7 mile trip. There had to be another 100 or so close drags where we almost didn't make it. All we had with us was his tackle box. We never tipped, though, but if it weren't for me, that boat woulda swamped several times. My words of wisdom, don't buy this sluggy bantha of a boat unless you're a very experienced paddler taking it on flatwater.

The Scanoe is by far the…

Submitted by: paddler229746 on 6/18/2002
The Scanoe is by far the safest canoe I have ever been in. I use a 3.3 hp mercury outboard and when I am alone a good counter weight is required to keep the bow in the water. When paddling alone, as with most canoes, if you don't want to kneel on the bottom I sit in the front seat and paddle it backwards, it looks a little funny with the motor on, but paddles a lot better. As for ride, the more weight the better, it sits lower and becomes more stable. Definitely get an extension for the tiller, anymore than a short jaunt causes much discomfort.

I love the scanoe. I have had…

Submitted by: paddler229732 on 6/11/2002
I love the scanoe. I have had it for about 3 months and have used it for floating/fishing creeks/rivers and for large pond(7-10 acres)fishing. The scanoe is stable enough to climb out to higher banks to retrieve not so accurate casts and to stand up and cast in. Lots of storage but not lots of fun to load or hang by oneself. I rigged up two boards with wheels to roll around and hand it with. Recently I was given an Aquabug 87 model, though I do not know the h.p., it is in excellent overall shape. It pushed me and a friend up a 100 ft. wide flood swollen creek with ease and turns on a dime. Though I still will leave it behind to go floating because of the fact the scanoe is so fun and easy to manuver from the rear. All in all, in 3 months it has paid for itself in fun.

I had a scanoe several years…

Submitted by: paddler229723 on 6/6/2002
I had a scanoe several years ago and it was great fun with a 5hp motor. I found it to be extremely stable even when moving about swapping ends (with a bit of care). I used it mainly on a large lake and found it coped well with choppy water. I am considering buying one again for use around a harbour and would be grateful if anyone has used one on the sea to e-mail me with their views.

Ram-X repairs are the order…

Submitted by: paddler229380 on 7/30/2001
Ram-X repairs are the order of business today as my old Coleman has developed cracks from the Thwart. Aside from that I've used one of these for years as a basic boat.

The Coleman Scanoe is the…

Submitted by: paddler229322 on 7/3/2001
The Coleman Scanoe is the "almost perfect" boat. It's stable, strong, and reasonably light. It holds a lot of cargo and can easily carry three people plus equipment if you have the optional middle seat. In small, swift, streams thlough, it's a real slug to turn and traditional canoe moves are of limited help since the three skegs severely limit sideways movement. That's the only gripe. When going solo, 5 gal. buckets of water ( with tops! ) can help balance things, but if using an outboard moter, you really need to take a heavy duty garbage bag, put it into a burlap bag, fill with fresh "Quick-Mix concrete, tie it up, and place in the front of a level Scanoe to dry. You then have a solid weight of 50 - 75 lbs.that's molded to fit the Scanoe.

've had my Coleman Scanoe for…

Submitted by: paddler229072 on 1/22/2001
've had my Coleman Scanoe for 15 years and hope to have it at least 15 more. It has been one of the best investments of my life. I rank it tops in versatility, durablility & stability and as economic a multi use craft as I've ever seen. Another big plus is that it is absolutely maintenance free. If your looking for a recreational boat for lake or river; fishing, hunting or camping; paddling or motoring; day use or extended trip; at a truely afordeable price, this is the boat for you!

I love my Scanoe. I bought it…

Submitted by: paddler229057 on 1/10/2001
I love my Scanoe. I bought it in 1995 for $100 from a kid who paddled it 3 times on a private lake. Apparently, his bratty little rich friends all had Sea Doos and made fun of him. I use it 50 times/year, mostly on slow moving Shenandoah River. I like the craft so much that I sold my other boats. I often flyfish alone and enjoy motoring upstream (17 lb. thrust Minn Kota) a few miles and drifting back. I usually stand to cast and have yet to take a spill. For a counterweight I put three 5 gal. buckets in the front and fill them with river water (approx 120 lbs.) - then I dump the water when I am done. I weigh over 250 lbs. with 40 lbs. of battery and motor in the back, so the counterweight is required. I load the boat onto a Toyota Camry using one of the one-man boat loaders I bought from Bass Pro Shops ($50). I should also mention that several of my large, often drunk, friends borrow my boat for goose hunting and they have never tipped.

We just bought our Scanoe…

Submitted by: paddler229033 on 12/18/2000
We just bought our Scanoe last week and love it! We went out this weekend twice and we were very pleased with the performance and stability of this boat. Two adults and two small children in the boat with lots of room left. We are hoping to go canoe camping and I think this Scanoe will be great.

I bought mine in 1991 & have…

Submitted by: paddler228959 on 10/15/2000
I bought mine in 1991 & have used it for fishing, & have done quite well. It can get in tight cover & shallow water where alot of fishing or bass boats can not. I have been in the middle of the lake & it is very stable, even when boats go by creating large wakes. I think it is the best canoe on the market!

I bought my Scanoe in june of…

Submitted by: paddler228948 on 10/9/2000
I bought my Scanoe in june of 1987 many boats/canoes/kayaks have come and gone,but not this baby.I live on the lower Connecticut River, one of the most powerful rivers in this country.

So far I love the thing. Like…

Submitted by: paddler228743 on 7/13/2000
So far I love the thing. Like mike below me, I am prepareing for a long trip down the Kentucky River. I use a Nissan 4 HP 4Stroke. I am extremely happy with this combonation, very quiet and fuel efficient. The boat itself seems muck bigger than a canoe and more stable. Tracks very well-the more weight in the boat the better it track. I love the mobility of this boat with the short shaft motor, it can operate even up the shallowest rivers and creeks. Good for fishing too. The right price!

I bought scanoe with 6hp…

Submitted by: paddler228557 on 4/22/2000
I bought scanoe with 6hp Evinrude. Have just done 500 kilometres down Murray River, Australia. SDtill to do 1500 kilometres. Travelled self plus gear- all up 200kg. Stability is excellent- first time ever used a canoe. For long trips the swivel seat is a must. I needed to add a short extension to throttle arm otherwise it is too far behind and uncomfortable. However, the extension reduces ability to turm to port. My one ongoing problem is abrasion when running up to shore or tied to the bank. So far have attached adhesive cloth tape (5cm wide/2 inches) to front and rear but still some damage. Has anyone any ideas on some more permanant solution and how to repair existing damage?

We love it. It is heavy. We…

Submitted by: paddler228554 on 4/20/2000
We love it. It is heavy. We live 100 feet from a lake. I'd like to built a dolly or hand trailer so our 13 year old could wheel it to the lake at any time. If you have any ideas or plans please e-mail them to me.

The Scanoe is worth the…

Submitted by: paddler228530 on 4/12/2000
The Scanoe is worth the money. It is definitely heavier than most canoes but it's also wide and deep. It can carry a lot of cargo and does not tip easily. The bottom doesn't break even when you ride up on rocks you don't see (even when you keep paddling right over them.) I would recommend it for the money but not for long portages unless you use portage wheels.

The scanoe is great for…

Submitted by: paddler228534 on 4/12/2000
The scanoe is great for loading up with heavy gear and going across lakes or even in mild river use. I have used mine for duck hunting and it can take a large dog, a lot of decoys and two people with equipment no problem. I have even carried a full keg of beer across a reservoir (w/ 2 people) before, no problem. With the right paddlers this canoe is stable, roomy and capable of handling some light white water. As with any canoe use caution. It is heavy and akward to portage but in the water it is great.

We got our scanoe 3 years…

Submitted by: paddler228531 on 4/12/2000
We got our scanoe 3 years ago. We live in Wyoming where the wind can be a factor. we love the stable feel and the large cargo area. For boat camping it would be hard to beat. The durability is another plus for the ram x design. If there is a drawback it is the weight. It is not a one person boat. We got an electric trolling motor last year, what a gift. We can run for hours, if needed, on one battery. We also have a solar charger, 3 amp, that keeps enough juice so we never run out of power. The motor and charger are a great piece of security in case of wind or current or laziness. It will do about 5 mph efficiently. If needed we would replace it with the same thing.

I just purchased the Scanoe…

Submitted by: paddler228351 on 11/1/1999
I just purchased the Scanoe about 3 days ago. I was looking for something that could be placed on the car and put in the water without a boat launch or trailer. I have a powerboat but that requires alot of forethought and time to just get in the water - also it is very loud for nature watching. The Scanoe is a little heavy and unweildy to put on the car but once there it is fairly stable. At the water it comes off the car and can be pulled to the waters edge and pushed in. It is somewhat tippy to get in and out of. However this weekend it did not tip over (although it did spill me over the side) Also, it needs (in my opinion) to be weighted with sand bags or something when just one person is riding in it. The front rides fairly high in the water and it does not track all that well. It did seem to me to be fairly fast and easy to paddle. I covered much more of the lake then I would have thought and was not very tired. All in all, I am still finding out what works for me but I am happy with the start!