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PaddleCart Description

The PaddleCart is a accessory brought to you by Clover Enterprises. Read PaddleCart reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

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PaddleCart Reviews

Read reviews for the PaddleCart by Clover Enterprises as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

The "PADDLECART" is the...

The "PADDLECART" is the best cart ever. I had a slight problem at first with my kayak not fitting the paddlecart due to how narrow it was, but I called them and they fixed my problem with a sling-set thing. The customer service was so helpful and very nice. I would recommend this product to everyone. Thanks for everything paddlecart.

I bought my PaddleCart...

I bought my PaddleCart slightly used at a very good price. It looks like a real quality piece, but I found that it would not fit my very wide (30") Perception America; the kayak just slides over this way or that, as soon as I start to pull it along. It becomes completely lopsided and really a pain to handle. I can get the cart/boat combination to work, if the kayak is upside down, but that creates other problems, like having to carry the paddle, dry bags, etc. separately, and fumbling around to grasp the boat's carrying handle.

I think this problem can be easily and cheaply solved by a simple modification of the position of the bars that support the boat. Of course, my preferred solution is to get a slimmer, higher performance kayak that will fit better.

As another user pointed out, there is too little space between the tires' air valves and the wheel hubs to use a bicycle floor pump or my other two hand pumps. A service station air hose might fit, but it would probably explode the tires. With some wiggling, I can use my bicycle's mini-pump, but then lots of air leaks out when I struggle to disconnect it. The obvious fixes would be to have the valve stick out at a slight angle, or to use a tube with a shorter valve or a wheel with more clearance.

Now that kayaking season is almost over, I'll have time to try to figure out a way to use the PaddleCart with my tubby boat. It's just too nice a piece to get rid of without trying to make it work for me.

The Paddlecart is the best...

The Paddlecart is the best thing they have come out with yet, the design is great and its so much easier taking my kayak down to the river. It was a little hard to load at first but I got the hang of it and it's easy now. I recommend anyone getting one of these carts... thanks Paddlecart

I read reviews of several...

I read reviews of several kayak carts before purchasing a PaddleCart a year ago. I've used it about 20 times and once the kayak is loaded it pulls easily - centering it on the kayak means you have a straight pull verses lifting any weight and pulling.

I have encountered two problems. I thought the lack of a "kickstand" would be no problem, but now I wish it had one. This is just a slight inconvenience. The second problem is greater. The air valve on the tires cannot be connected to by a regular tire pump. The air valve comes straight up in the middle of the wheel - it needs to come out at an angle. I contacted PaddleCart about these two problems, but got no resolution. A neighbor has a PaddleBoy cart with pneumatic wheels, and I think I would be happier with it.

While the design is...

While the design is brilliant, the construction is a little sloppy. The one I borrowed from a friend had huge pinholes in the welds. The axle is too thin, and the few I've seen are all at least slightly bent due to heat affectation from welding. The attachment of the arms has too much slop. Using 1.625"x0.125" tubing to go over 1.25" tubing leaves a total of 1/8" between the stanchion & arm, which is just too much.

The wheels are also a little suspect. The exact wheels (found elsewhere on the internet) have a weight rating of 100 lbs each. Yet they claim a static weight test of 300 lbs on their site. We had my friend's loaded to about 250 and it worked well, but the axle bent slightly.

As negative as this sounds, if I can't get into a friend's shop to make a similar design, I'm buying one of these. It lasted well, while several other carts on our kayak/camping trip failed catastrophically. Clean up the fabrication and it would get 11 out of 10.

I have tried several...

I have tried several different kayak transport carts. The "PaddleCart" is the best I have tried. It is heavy duty welded aluminum with pneumatic tires. By adding a couple of nylon cross straps, it can handle any size or shape kayak with good stability.