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Good kayak to get started.…

Submitted by: hrunner on 7/31/2020
Good kayak to get started. Lowest costs for a new kayak that I could find during covid, causing a shortage everywhere. Stable. It is big and heavy if you are not used to kayaks. Recommend getting a set of wheels and tie them just below the seat. It becomes very light. I'm also recommend adding handles in the sides of the seat. Overall, great kayak to get started . Excellent for lake paddling.

No fault to be found.

Submitted by: paddler394078 on 9/6/2017

Bought 2 early this summer, and they have changed our whole recreation time. Hubby fishes while I paddle and explore and take pictures. Mobility issues that would prevent me using a canoe or cockpit kayak are not issues anymore! I swear my husbands high blood pressure drops 20 points every time we can get them out!
Very stable and very manuverable, butt gets wet everytime but oh well to that.


We bought two of these sit on…

Submitted by: gregorio23 on 8/3/2016
We bought two of these sit on top Kayaks this spring and we have found them to be alot of fun. We have also found they are a cheap alternative to an SUP! They are even stable enough for my 62 year old mom to use as an SUP! They have alot of room and are great for exploring and enjoying the water. Easy to get in and out of the water if you are a swimmer. nice and flat top means you can lay down and enjoy a look at the sky too. Great sit-on-top kayak/SUP for the price!

Pros: Good price and…

Submitted by: paddler236924 on 7/7/2016

Pros: Good price and tracking for beginners kayak. Front and back handles for carrying. Dicks Sporting Goods was helpful with my decision as I am a newbie to kayaking.

Cons: seat support is too low making it uncomfortable, no side handles to grab for one person to carry.

Overall though this is a good beginners kayak. Im happy with it. Will look for accessories to fix the seating and side handling. It's a fun yak and I feel safe in it


I am very satisfied with my…

Submitted by: SlowNative on 2/24/2016
I am very satisfied with my Pelican Boost 100 kayak. I am a kayak angler who fishes from this kayak nearly every weekend. I was looking for an entry level kayak that would be able to handle heavy use and let me tell you, this yak fits the bill. I use it primarily in the Guadalupe River and salt water flats in Texas.

The kayak is made of Pelican's Ram-X material. A lightweight, tough formulated plastic exclusive to the brand. I bounce it off of rocks, trees and oyster shell frequently and have never once had a structural issue. For a 10' kayak it is very stable while sitting. Standing is possible, however it does take quite a bit of balance in order to stand (I'm 5'11", 170lbs with good balance). It tracks well, which is a blessing for a kayak of this size and stability.

I want to upgrade to the new Catch 120 but recommend this kayak to anyone (novice or experienced) looking for a quality product at a great price point.
*Two thumbs up Pelican!*


Bought this kayak about a…

Submitted by: paddler236542 on 9/25/2015
Bought this kayak about a month ago, used it only about twice but I do think that it is a good kayak for the price. I did spend a little extra on accessories (Tiedown points and Grips) to make caring gear and lifting the kayak easier. I do wish that the back rest was removable but that can be fixed. I am looking for a way to create a seat in the front for my three year old. If anybody has suggestions please let me know

I purchased this kayak about…

Submitted by: paddler236432 on 8/12/2015
I purchased this kayak about 3 weeks ago and have used it three times. It is Ok but I find the back support is not good and after 1 hour my back aches, also to load or unload from my SUV and carry it,it is not easy as there are no grip handles. The seating is also uncomfortable and the foot supports are not wide enough.

For a beginner, this is a…

Submitted by: roarbot on 7/2/2015
For a beginner, this is a great kayak. Seems sturdy and comfortable. Nice geometry for people like me who tend to cramp easily. I use it mainly for fishing. I should be easy to add the aftermarket parts and accessories I want.

I'm a novice paddler…

Submitted by: SoggyBottom on 7/1/2015
I'm a novice paddler introducing my family to the joys of kayaking. In addition to my Perception 9.5, we just added a Pelican Boost 10 to our collection.

The Boost is a boat designed for Dick's Sporting Goods, at a low price point.
Highs: Stable, lots of room on deck for fishing tackle, water, food, comfortable seating, tracks well.
Lows: Heavy, slow, lack of carrying handles on the sides, hull scratches easily, and water bottle niche is too far forward.

Bottom line: This is a great boat for $200. It won't set the world on fire, but for beginning paddlers it's a cheap way to get into the sport. I fish from it often and have taken it on ocean marshes, rivers, and lakes.