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Name: hrunner

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This is a great kayak for recreation for parents with a small child. There is plenty of room for our small boy to sit in a flotation cushion in between the seats. The kayak is maneuverable, stable, and easy to keep in a straight line. It is about the same weight as a single-seat sit-on kayak that we had. It is great for us to go along the creek and looking at birds. There is storage for a safety kit and enough room for radios, drinks, and phones on water tight bags that can be attached to the kayak. Overall, an excellent purchase.

Good kayak to get started. Lowest costs for a new kayak that I could find during covid, causing a shortage everywhere. Stable. It is big and heavy if you are not used to kayaks. Recommend getting a set of wheels and tie them just below the seat. It becomes very light. I'm also recommend adding handles in the sides of the seat. Overall, great kayak to get started . Excellent for lake paddling.

This is an excellent kayak for a small child. I use it in shallow water with a short rope for my 3 1/2 year old to play. It is perfect for this.