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Beavertail Paddle Description

With its long, slender blade shape, the Beavertail recreational canoe paddle is a terrific choice for lake paddling in deep water. This narrower – and longer – bladed paddle pulls smoothly through the water, and the length helps with sweep strokes.This straight shaft paddle is handcrafted in Osceola, Wisconsin using basswood and red alder. It has a symmetrical freestyle palm grip to give you the versatility you want and the quality and comfort you deserve.

Beavertail Paddle Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Red Alder and Basswood Blade, Solid Basswood Shaft

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Classic design, lightweight,…

Submitted by: lucas9p9 on 7/24/2020
Classic design, lightweight, easy to handle. If you've never tried one you may be surprised at how well it can move a boat - you don't always need a bent shaft or super wide blade. Makes it easy to maneuver silently in all directions, which I particularly appreciate when trying to photograph wildlife from a canoe. I wish I could use this more but my son has decided it's his favorite- I may just need to get another. The rock guard tip has proven pretty durable as well.

I saw a BB Beaver tail at my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2012
I saw a BB Beaver tail at my local paddle store and having used an Otter tail in the past, decided to give one a try. I paid extra to have one made to my length (59"). The catch is quiet and solid without being jarring and the blade has enough area to get a good bite in the water with absolutely no flutter. Reasonable weight and good balance for a full day of paddling. For touring this is my paddle of choice.

After using a "standard"…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/29/2007
After using a "standard" paddle, and an ottertail, I thought the BB Beavertail might be worth a try. It isn't as easy to paddle as my ottertail, but does move my canoe with greater authority. It can be as quiet as my ottertail when entering the water, but requires a bit more attention to technique. When the wind kicked up this afternoon, it was the BB Beavertail that moved me to windward best!

The paddle is supposed to weigh 24 oz, and according to my digital scale, the 63" model weighs 22.55oz !!! The blade is sanded down to 1/4" at the outside edges on its lower half, and grows much thicker toward the shaft. The shaft and grip are large in size, but that's fine: if someday I decide the paddle could use a trim, it's much easier to subtract wood than to add it!

Speaking of the wood, the grain on mine is very attractive, and it's medium dark hue matches my canoe's wood gunwales. The beavertail is a steal at $60, and will be my new all-around paddle. I'll have to buy one for my wife as well.