Angler Ace Kayak Paddle

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Angler Ace Kayak Paddle Description

The Ace is a truly phenomenal paddle that successfully combines the performance expected in a kayak paddle with the ruggedness and versatility that kayak fishermen need. Tough carbon-reinforced nylon blades pull effortlessly through the water with an all carbon shaft. This gem comes equipped with the dual tape measure on the shaft (in both inches and centimeters) as well as the hook retrieval system that’s built into the blade.The Angler Ace comes with either a snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule or a more versatile telescoping ferrule with infinite feathering angles. The snap-button ferrule is 230-260 cm, adjustable in 10 cm increments at MSRP $199.95. The telescoping ferrule is available in adjustable lengths 230-245 and 240-255 at MSRP $224.95.

Angler Ace Kayak Paddle Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Carbon Reinforced Nylon Blade

Additional Attributes

  • Tape Measure
  • Hook Retreival System

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Angler Ace Kayak Paddle Reviews

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I got the Angler Ace when I…

Submitted by: paddler779533 on 5/21/2020
I got the Angler Ace when I purchased my Jackson Coosa HD kayak. I purchased the 260cm. The paddle is excellent. Very light and comfortable in the hand. The notch to retrieve lures is also very effective and I use often. Would highly recommend this paddle and purchase again.

Very light, just the right…

Submitted by: Larry-W on 7/31/2018

Very light, just the right amount of flex, great bite, durable.and that line hook has saved me over $100 in what would have been lost tackle. All paddles are not created the same and this one was thoughtfully designed for serious anglers. I fish from a Vibe SeaGhost and purchased the 260 CM and it fits me and my boat perfectly. You can pay more but you won't find a better paddle.


Angler Ace is a Next Level Paddle for Anglers

Submitted by: JKincy on 3/1/2017

The Angler Ace Paddle from Bending Branches is a perfect paddle for a kayak angler who is ready to move up from their introductory paddle or who want to start off with a high caliber paddle designed for fishing kayaks. Mine is used primarily for a sit on top fishing kayak and because I'm a taller angler I use the 240-255 cm model. For an angler kayak which is not as sleek as a rec kayak, you want to have a paddle with more surface area to help move you through the water, this one has ample paddle size to get you moving.

All of the key features you want in a great angler paddle are here:
- Carbon shaft that provides the right flex to make paddle strokes easier and reduce stress on joints, lessening fatigue during a long day on the water.
- Lightweight (only 31 oz!), with tough carbon blades for durability for not only paddling but fending off rocks, trees or anything else in your way.
- Adjustable ferrule to choose different paddle angles as needed for any situation.
- Will float if you drop in the water until you can retrieve it, some metal shaft paddles are at risk of sinking.

If you are looking for a paddle that won't fail you under all kayak fishing situations, this is a great option and is made in the USA!


My second Bending Branches…

Submitted by: paddler235824 on 8/10/2014
My second Bending Branches paddle. This one is is super light, gives plenty of power and has superior drip rings. I hated to give up my beautiful, broken 1990s wooden paddle but this one is superior.

Needed a longer paddle to go…

Submitted by: bbuelo on 8/6/2014
Needed a longer paddle to go with a wide SOT fishing kayak. Bending Branches Angler Ace was a great choice in 260cm. Allows me to paddle with lower angles and stay dry. Very light weight and strong - light weight is a huge benefit after a long day of paddling and casting. The 40" measure on the handle keeps another piece of gear from cluttering my deck. Awesome paddle and made in USA (Wisconsin!)

I purchased the Angler Ace to…

Submitted by: paddler235191 on 7/27/2013
I purchased the Angler Ace to go along with my new yak. It is a strong, durable and great looking paddle. I have put over 40 hours on this paddle and put it through its paces. It is very comfortable and lightweight that made using it for many hours no problem.

It has three angle setting so you can find the one that best fits your needs. The lure grabbing notch is perfect for retrieving lures from the water or the accidental tree shot. I have used it to grab lures that other folks have lost and could not retrieve. I have saved money on not loosing lures and have gained some nice lures because of it.

Overall, this is a fantastic paddle that will be comfortable and deliver the power you exert when you need it! Plus, it looks great with it's black checkerboard pattern!