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StraitEdge Kayak

  • 9' 8" Length
  • 35" Width
  • 34 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 649.99 MSRP

StraitEdge Kayak Description

The StraitEdge™ Kayak is the first sit-on-top self-bailing inflatable kayak to incorporate aluminum rib-frames in the bow and stern to improve tracking in open water conditions. With a hull design similar to a hard-shell sit-on-top kayak and self bailing ports that can be opened in rough conditions and closed in calm or cold conditions, you have a kayak that can be paddled in up to class III whitewater with improved trackability on open water. It can be easily packed away into its duffel bag and paddled in the most remote locations.

StraitEdge Kayak Reviews


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StraitEdge Kayak Specifications

  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Length: 9' 8"
  • Width: 35"
  • Primary Material: Folding/Inflatable

StraitEdge Kayak Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Hull Shape: Round
  • Chine: Soft

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation, Whitewater
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean, River/Creek (Up to Class II), Whitewater (Class III+)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Advanced Elements
StraitEdge Kayak Reviews

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A very good floating boat...

A very good floating boat that tracks well. discomfort occurs in on the water especially for the seating arrangement. The flexible shape of the seating insert is very uncomfortable. It lacks a rigid base to support your back. The entire boat is very light. It provides a very secure position on the water for a beginner paddler.

The StraitEdge is a very...

The StraitEdge is a very durable kayak. It saved my life! I was in Cameron, Louisiana at the mouth of Calcasieu Lake where it emptied into the Gulf of Mexico. The tide was going out and the water was very violent and every time I tried to paddle the water will almost pull it away from me. There were many large whirlpools and the current was so strong but the kayak would not flip or sink. Thankfully the coastguard saw me drifting out to sea and rescued me and my boat. They told me I was crazy for being out in those conditions cuz a life jacket wouldn't be able to save me. They said my kayak is what saved me from sinking and that im extremely lucky that they saw me because search and rescue was 2 hours away. Thankfully I bought this yak instead of a hardshell kayak. Thanks Advanced Elements

took this kayak on a plane...

took this kayak on a plane to Roatan, Honduras. extremely stable to get in and out of for snorkeling. two of these or a straitedge2 and you would be able to drop anchor and dive with a buddy.

I bought the straitEdge...

I bought the straitEdge 2nd-hand from air kayaks (Ebay). About the kayak - It's heavy , ~20 kg. easy to setup (10 minutes with hand pump). look quiet durable - comparing to other under 500$ inflatable I check. on the water its very stable - good for fishing. I use it in the surf - quiet enjoyable although it turns over in the big waves (3' and up) - probably my skill. On calm water (sea) I paddle it t for 3-4 miles long paddling - if you paddle it with ease its O.K . but not track well like hard shell ...a skeg might help. Sitting is comfortable, and plenty of space for equipment, but nothing to secure it to the kayak.

Overall good kayak for the money, and of course comfort of storage - an important factor for me. Otherwise I think a hard shell SOT kayak would be better on water. I would recommend this kayak for anyone who wants a SOT for fishing, surfing small waves, a short-mid distance sea trip.

Bought this 1 year ago and...

Bought this 1 year ago and have been impressed by its stability and ease of set up. If you are not going for distance in choppy or windy conditions and have a tight budget this is for you. Being able to stand up allows me to have a good vantage point in sight fishing and stretch my tired legs and body. Being portable means you can use it in overseas trips.


  1. Rather dry ride.
  2. Self Bailing ports can be covered in calm conditions.
  3. Very Stable. I am 5' 8" and able to stand up to do fly casting.
  4. Very reasonably priced.
  1. Very heavy!
  2. Does not track straight very well compared to Feathercraft airline (I know, difference price point). I wonder will it be too late to design a skeg for it?
  3. Bag does not have a metal 'D' Ring at the end of the zip, which means you cannot lock your bag when traveling. But you can sew one on for a nominal price.
  4. Bag does not have shoulder straps to double as a backpack. Isn't it nice to have a bag designed for this purpose and add some space for rod tube and gears?

I bought this kayak for...

I bought this kayak for the sole purpose of inshore fishing along the central CA coast. The StraitEdge is a great kayak with many features I liked including the self bailing ports, the aluminum ribs at the bow and stern which helps greatly with tracking and taking on waves on my launches, the two rod holders (and the possibility to add more), and the easy air valves. The bladder and the outer nylon cover is also very well made.

The yak is easy to maneuver, but is definitely slower than a hard yak. This is because it's an inflatable...duh. There's more yak surface area above the water so it tends to get hit by the wind more too. This drifts the yak faster than a regular kayak which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you want to drift and cover more fishing spots, or be stationary.

I would definitely recommend getting some sort of seat pad as the one that comes with the yak is insufficient, at least for me. I bought a Crack of Dawn inflatable seat and it works perfectly. The yak is wide at 36", a tad too wide for my 220cm Camanos so I'd also recommend at least a 230cm paddle...luckily I'm a short guy at 5'5". And if you're a taller person, get at least a 240cm paddle.

I've had this yak for the past 3 weekends and I've been on it fishing for the past 3 weekends...Saturdays AND Sundays. On all my 6 trips so far, I've yet to get flipped on my launches, but I was tossed out of the yak coming back in once...this thing doesn't ride waves that well and gets sideways quick, but it's also a difficult kayak to flip as well.

I've enjoyed it greatly and I'm sure I'll be enjoying it for more years to come...or at least until I get a hard kayak and a car that can haul it places...hehe.

This is a self-bailing...

This is a self-bailing inflatable that has aluminum frames at the bow and stern. This really does improve the tracking. I use it in calm rivers and it's easy to paddle. I also use it in the ocean surf and it has proven to be sturdy and fun. It is very comfortable and comes with an adjustable seat. It is very simple to inflate and the new valves allow you to easily deflate and fold it up. Great to travel with.