Pair of 14' Necky Alsek kayaks

Condition: Used

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Necky Alsek

  • Two used Necky Alsek kayaks- one yellow and one blue
  • Each are 14 ft. kayaks, made of polyethylene, and weigh approximately 55 lbs. each
  • Each have a dry well/bulkhead with good seals
  • Each have factory installed rudders with adjustable foot pedals
  • Each have easy in and easy out pull handles
  • Each have deck bungees
  • Each of the kayaks were primarily stored indoors or, when outdoors, on a rack out of the sun
  • Each were primarily used on lakes, but at times were used in the ocean or back bays
  • Each have normal wear and are excellent for both beginners and for light-touring
  • The kayaks handle well in both calm waters and in the surf
  • The kayaks have good responsiveness to straight tracking on an even keel with use of the rudder
  • $800 cash for the pair
  • Local pickup only

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