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Bigelow Hollow State Park / Mashapaug Pond in Connecticut

by  hotrod

A self-supported trip created by hotrod

Trip Overview

I arrived at Bigelow Hollow State Park at about 10:00 am, it was cloudy and cool. I've heard about this area from some friends on paddling net. The park is in kind of a remote area in Ct. When you first go in the park the first pond that you see is Bigelow pond on the left. This pond is about � mile long with a few pretty islands. Nice boat ramp and picnicking area. No houses just beautifully treed shores. I kayaked the pond, very nice, had lunch on one of the islands. Preceded back to the boat ramp, loaded my kayak up and head down the park rd, about a mile to Mashapaug pond

Mashapaug pond is about 2 miles long; the boat launch is at the south end of the lake. Nice boat ramp with a small dam next to it. I saw a few kayakers and a few guys fishing in a boat. The speed limit on the lake is 10 mph. Very few people during the week, I don't know about weekends probably a lot more people. The water in these lakes is crystal clear, nice place to paddle. The south end of the lake is the prettiest part of the lake. Plenty of places to go to have a picnic or just eat your lunch.

The only thing I didn't like was all the islands on the Mashapaug are private. I found out after stopping to relax for a little while on a small island. As I was leaving the island I noticed a sign that I didn't see before (No Trespassing). Oh well to late now; it was jus a small island with a few trees, no buildings or anything. It just seemed kind of silly to me. The south end of the lake has a lot of evergreen groves with plenty of picnic tables, nice place to bring the family for an outing. It was about 3 pm when I got back to the put in. Would you know it, when I got back there were a whole bunch of guys going out in their kayaks. We struck up a conversation and they told me about a third lake. The trouble with the third lake is that you have to portage about a 1 � to get there. I decided that was a little too far to portage with out a cart, so I decided to hike it instead.

To get to the trail head back to the lower lake, right across from where you just see the lake on your right is the trail, there an information stand there. It's about 1 � miles to the lake, (Breakneck pond) well worth the trip. It's very secluded and a treasure if you're a nature lover. I going back and do all of the cycle trails. It's a gorgeous area I really have trouble putting it into words


Not in the fall.


I 84 exit 74. Take Rat 171 south until Bigelow hollow Rd.


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Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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