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Go Paddling Locations Map Embed

Embed the Go Paddling map on any website at no charge.  Just copy the source code below and add it to your site.

Source Code

This is the standard code to embed the Go Paddling Map on your site.

Embed Example

This is how the embed code will display on your site.

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Customizing the Map Location and Zoom

The standard embed code is centered to be able to see most of the US and Canada.  However if you feel like being a hacker, you can adjust the center location and zoom level by tweaking a few bits of the embed code.

Here are the variables you can change

  • lat: Latitude of the location where you would like the map centered
  • lng: Longitude of the location where you would like the map centered 
  • zoom: zoom level of the map. Integers only. Higher numbers are closer zoom

Customized Map Example

Here the map is centered around Miami and the zoom level is set to 9. 

To find the GPS coordinates for any place, use this free geo location website.  Use the search box (upper left corner) and then the GPS coordinates will appear at the top.

Here is the line of code that can be modified to your desired location and zoom level: 


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Custom Embed Code

Copy this code then adjust the lat, lon and zoom to fit your needs