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The perfect companion for my Akiak paddle! I love how the divider in the bag keeps the paddles separate so they don't scratch on each other. The shoulder strap allows me to carry the kayak without having to worry about the placement of my paddle. Definitely worth the purchase if you're getting a paddle through Gearlab!

I had originally planned on buying a wooden Greenland paddle, but Gearlab peaked my interest when I saw the Akiak. So far I love everything about it. It feels incredibly lightweight and balances very well in my hands. The placement of the shoulders are perfect for me. And the ability to break the paddle down for transport is really nice. I've been paddling through some shallow areas with rocks, sand, & roots and so far I haven't seen any signs of wear. And I recently went on a slat water camping trip where I couldn't wash down the paddle as often as I wanted to. So far, I see no signs of corrosion on the few stainless pieces of hardware on the paddle. I am really glad I made this purchase and look forward to the trips ahead.