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Name: nikarando

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It worked great first year but than the next season I went out and surprisingly, right after inflation to 13psi the side joint completely let go. I fixed it with the glue but didn’t have a chance to go out again as my daughter was born so I waited another year. Excited to finally go on water, first day was great. Second day all of a sudden joint on another side let go and it was harder to fix, but I did that. This meant I could paddle for another day at my vacation and really made me not happy. Believe it or not, the day after when the glue on another side was set I inflated and the leak started on other side , another joint. Something is wrong with the glue, I wrote to customer service but they replied in kind of a rude matter that the warranty expired few months ago and that it’s my problem now. I expected some kind of different customer service from company which people say stands behind their product even after official warranty expires. ( my problems started with the warranty still on but because of the situation I didn’t use it as I should have) Just to inform. The paddleboard was always stored inside, properly taken care of. I wrote them at least to explain me what could be the cause of this but never got any answer. I had other boats from them and never had problems and I always thought if I would I would be fine. This makes me feel like I would not consider SeaEagle again.