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Name: LaughingLion

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Good: Easy to set up - takes about 10 minutes tops. Not too heavy - I feel the average person would have no problem lugging this 50 yards to a drop in or for a portage. VERY stable - The kind of waves you'd need to flip this thing would put you in the middle of the ocean. Treads pretty straight - When inflated correctly I have no problem keeping it on track. Looks nice - Not important but a plus. Packs down into the bag easily - I rarely struggle to get it packed away. Very durable - I have scraped hard against oyster beds in this and seen absolutely no damage. The material is rock solid. Bad: Drying - Drying is a PAIN. The fabric inside likes to hold onto water and takes hours to dry out. This is the biggest downside to this particular kayak. Be prepared to have a drying strategy for it after a paddle. Pricey - It's kind of expensive for an inflatable. Not overpriced but definitely a consideration. Not very fast - It's not slow but it's wide nature does hinder it. Great boat for paddling downriver or on a lake. Maybe not the greatest for touring (and you'd probably want a hardshell for that anyhow).