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Purchased the Fusion 480 last week for inshore fishing in South Texas where there are numerous grass flats from 0 to 4’ depths. I previously had a Propel drive fishing kayak, a light touring sit inside kayak, and a ABS recreational kayak that I had used for fishing. I liked the ease of paddling the light touring kayak 14’ x 25” and the recreational kayak 11.5’ x 30.5” so I choose the Stealth Fusion 480. The flip up rudder was installed however not need as the Fusion tracks very well without it. So far I’m very pleased with the kayak after adding a back support seat which gives me 4 to 5 hours of comfortable fishing. At 71 years old and 145 lbs, I don’t win any races, but I do manage to catch a few sea trout and redfish on the fly rod or conventional tackle. Weather permitting, I fish every day.

Light weight sot with a framed seat that turns easily and is a joy to load and unload. I use it as a fishing kayak by adding a yak crate with 4 rod holders to the tank well. Great platform for a smaller person. At under 40 pounds, it’s easy to lift into the truck bed for transporting.

Had the Journey 14 for over 6 years and currently use it as a fishing platform on those windy days when the wide sot fishing kayaks don’t want to glide into the wind. The Jackson Journey 14 light touring kayak is a pleasure to paddle with or without the rudder even when the wind increases in the day. Fish with 1 rod, a small pocket tackle box, and a water bottle. Practice catch, photo, and release.

Have had the Manta Ray Propel 12 for 4 months in Rockport, TX. Also have a Jackson Journey 14 sit inside and a Hurricane Skimmer 116 sot with a framed seat and rotate the three kayaks depending on where I choose to fish for the day which depends on the wind. The Manta Ray is least affected by the wind because of the Propel system if you are not on the shallow grass flats and you have a minimum of 15” water depth, if not then you will paddle. It does paddle better than most 12’ x 33” sot kayaks due to the sharp entry on the bow and the stern. If you bring a crate, you have plenty of room in the rear tank well for bags of gear. I’m a minimalist so I bring 1 rod and a net along with a few plugs in my pfd pocket. I don’t stand to fish but you gymnast might pull that off in calm water. The reason I bought this model was to extend my range on windy days, and it only weighs 70 lbs which makes it easier to load and unload into the truck bed by myself. I think it was a good buy. It’s very stable and easy to get into and out off for those who are concerned with stability. I have not launched in the surf so I don’t know how it handles in those conditions and as a result, gave it 4 stars.