Fusion 480

15' 7"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Fusion 480 Description

Stealth’s first plastic kayak comes as a “fusion” of ideas between owner Brett Chellenor and Vagabond Kayaks’ Celliers Kruger. Chellenor used his 22 years of designing the world’s greatest salt water fishing kayaks and Kruger brought his 18 years of rotomolding experience to the table. The result is an affordable performance angler that not only expands their kayak range, it will significantly expand the amount of Stealth paddlers everywhere.

Fusion 480 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Attributes

  • Fiberglass rear storage hatch
  • Fiberglass Live Bait Tank
  • Large Fish Hatch
  • Self Draining Footwells
  • Rudder access port
  • 4 x fishing rod holders
  • Rod chute with Velcro securing tabs
  • Fully adjustable foot pedals, with rudder steering system
  • Venturi scuppers for self draining footwells
  • Lever lock cam straps to seal fish hatch lid
  • Paddle keep with anti-scuff rubber mat
  • Hull and fish hatch drain holes

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Fusion 480 Reviews

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The kayak is very nice and…

Submitted by: paddler541858 on 6/7/2022

The kayak is very nice and it will perform as expected. However mine came with fabrication defects that should not pass QC. A hole in the bow welding line, recessed thin soft plastic around nuts for surf straps and stern kick up rudder, and miss aligned foot peddal guides. I am fixing them now with plastic welds. Returning it will be a waist of money and time since I ordered it online, took months to arrive, and the Dealer is thousand miles away. Buy it if is in a local shop so you can inspect it first. Great brand, prestigious manufacturer, poor quality control.


Purchased the Fusion 480…

Submitted by: paddler776829 on 2/1/2022

Purchased the Fusion 480 last week for inshore fishing in South Texas where there are numerous grass flats from 0 to 4’ depths. I previously had a Propel drive fishing kayak, a light touring sit inside kayak, and a ABS recreational kayak that I had used for fishing. I liked the ease of paddling the light touring kayak 14’ x 25” and the recreational kayak 11.5’ x 30.5” so I choose the Stealth Fusion 480. The flip up rudder was installed however not need as the Fusion tracks very well without it. So far I’m very pleased with the kayak after adding a back support seat which gives me 4 to 5 hours of comfortable fishing. At 71 years old and 145 lbs, I don’t win any races, but I do manage to catch a few sea trout and redfish on the fly rod or conventional tackle. Weather permitting, I fish every day.


I use my 480 for spear…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/29/2021

I use my 480 for spear fishing on the Oregon coast and paddling in the river I live near for fitness and conditioning. It’s good at both of these things. It is light for its size but still a heavy solo lift onto a car. As a diving platform it’s better than anything else I’ve tried (SUP, Tarpon 100, tarpon 120, hobie revo tandem) or found in research.


I've never really enjoyed…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2021

I've never really enjoyed the struggle of fishing from what I'd call a "lawn chair on a fat hull with a giant cooler and 4 rods precariously hanging off the back", but that makes up the majority of what I've seen in the Pacific Northwest. I rented and borrowed some very entry level setups, fancier pedal versions, and plastic kayaks that go for $3k+ over the years, but they all seemed to share this basic design. Maybe the expensive ones had better storage or a drop in transducer mount, or 6 cup holders, but handling was always slow and clunky if stable. Occasionally I'd see sleek glass Stealths on the coast, but that was never gonna work for my budget. After seeing some of the Fusion 480 teasers on YouTube I knew I had to go for it. I've been absolutely blown away by how much faster it is, how much better it tracks, and how much more confident sitting this low makes you feel in the big swells. It's also easier to right than wider kayaks designed with a higher weight capacity when you do find yourself in the drink with it wrong side up.

The fish hatch is big enough to casually slide in a halibut, and I love that all my rods and gear are safe. There's nothing for you to get tangled in or snagged on when launching into the waves and coming back in either. The ride is a little wet, and you're going to have to try to have decent posture and paddling form to stay comfortable, but I don't think there's a plastic fishing kayak out there that gets anywhere close to handling so well. The smooth glide also make longer trips less tiring and opens up new opportunities to fish beyond where the fat boats usually care to go. I've gone from 4-5 trips per year to 4-5 trips per month. Absolutely love this kayak.


The Stealth Fusion 480 is a…

Submitted by: paddler1420938 on 4/15/2021

The Stealth Fusion 480 is a great kayak fishing system. It is fast enough to deal with currents, and seaworthy enough to handle any conditions that you would want to fish in. This is the first kayak I have used that had an effective rudder system. Most are an after thought--the rudder on the Stealth can be used to steer the boat, set drift angles, and take the white knuckles out of surfing. The 480 is narrow enough to paddle at a high angle, and sculling is effective in close quarters. Stealth boats main feature is the huge center compartment which can hold a 48" Spanish Mackerel, or your fishing rods up to 7'. The scupper system works well, and gets rid of blood when bleeding fish. I was catching 24" Ling Cod, and just hold them under my calf while they are bleeding out. I have been fishing the Stealth in stock form, which is really not bad--4 rod holders, dry compartment etc. Nothing sitting on deck=no yard sales. I am working on a fish finder--there is a molded cavity for a transponder. I wish there was a forward facing rod holder, and I need to add a back support. Spend your money on good fishing tackle,and a nice paddle--not thousands of dollars of outfitting. I am 62, and hardly a young buck. At 70# I can carry the fusion down a path to the beach, and go back for gear. It is right at the weight limit of being able to carry. Add a lot of outfitting, and that goes away. Pedal or paddle? I can see where pedals would be good for bass fishing. In the ocean, I will take a paddle, and a fast boat. The only comparable pedal kayak is the Revo 16 for twice+ the money (no internal rod storage/live well).

When I was looking for a kayak to fish out of, I watched a lot of videos. What I saw was people struggling with the barges that are sold as fishing kayaks. Just getting on or off the beach was a struggle, sometimes ending with gear lost and trips over. If you want to launch off the beach, and fish in the ocean, you need something like the Stealth kayaks. Everything you need for a day of fishing can be secured inside the hull. There is an effective live well which can also be used to hold your catch. If you tip over while landing, you will not lose anything, and your reels will not get submerged. I fish the Puget sound, and the currents are always present. If there is big tide turnover, 3-4 knots is not uncommon. Considering that most of the pedal boats top speed is not much more than this, speed can be a problem. I have been fishing around Neah Bay, WA where currents and chop are notorious. I have had no problem dealing with the currents, and people commented on how far and fast I was moving around looking for schools of Rockfish. The Stealth 480 is an awesome kayak for fishing in the ocean. It is one of those things, that when I saw a Stealth boat, I said YES! The shape just shouts speed, good stability, great features for fishing, great paddlability. Now that Stealth has a plastic boat at a reasonable price, I predict that they are going to sell a ton of these boats (They already built a new factory).


This is a great fishing…

Submitted by: MidwestSurfer on 3/24/2021
This is a great fishing surfski designed to get through the surf going out and riding the surf coming in. It is all setup with what you need to get on the water and fishing. Best two features is an integrated live well and an ample center hatch that can hold rods, large catch bag, etc.

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