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Great little handheld GPS. I use mine, along with the RAM mount, for extended offshore trips....I consider this as part of my safety equipment! Easy to operate and input way-points. Seems to acquire satellites much faster than older Garmin handhelds. Great value when considering functionality vs. price. Only drawback is that sometimes you need to press the toggle button a couple of times to get it to work.

Highly recommend carrying the inReach Satellite Locator if you do any offshore paddling. Relatively easy to setup and operate, can be used to let folks onshore know where you are and how you are doing, as well as send an SOS should you need to, Can sync with your cell phone to make typing messages and editing contacts easier. Garmin also provides regular webcasts on inReach functions. Fully waterproof and hardly ever needs charging....I use mine 2x’s per week for up to 6 hours at a time for many weeks before charging. An essential piece of safety equipment if you do extended offshore trips.

Overall this product seems to work well. I just used it on a recent 60 mile round trip paddle to Catalina Island, and it did the job. What I really like is that it is all foam, so it won’t start leaking air like other lumbar supports. With that said, I wish that the foam pad was a little thicker so that it would provide a little more support. Now that I have used it for awhile, I would say that I am happy overall with the product.