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Name: paddler550365

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Wanted a manageable kayak that I could take anywhere, lakes, rivers, surf or even big creeks. The Yellowfin 100 was the only kayak that had a normal seat versus a pad (at least when I bought it 2 years ago). The 10' length and weight is easier to cartop vs any of the 12' ones. I liked everything I saw and read. Bought it direct (no dealers) and saved $$ on their fall sale. Good platform for fishing for anyone new to kayaking and has everything you need to get started. The hero seat is comfortable and supports my back. It makes a great camp chair It's very stable on the water, easy to maneuver, but it's slow. Doesn't track as well as what I read and saw online. I do not like reaching behind the seat to store the paddle At this price, I'm able to fix and customize at will. Will add a rudder to improve tracking, replaced the side handles to ones with a my paddle keep and added a leash to each rod holder. They fixed and improved the placements of things in the new models that includes gear tracks, better hatches, real bow/stern handles and is rudder ready (on the 120).