Name: SarahRucker

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This is my go-to kayak. I started in a Frenzy and really enjoyed kayaking. Then I tried a Tetra and was amazed at how agile they were and how nice the seats were. For the price, I feel like they are great deal. It's an affordable kayak that is sturdy, still pretty stable, but with more agility and comfortable seats that provide great back and leg support. I work in a marina that rents kayaks and I feel like the better seats make a difference esp. for our larger and older customers.

This is a great starter kayak - good seats, very stable. My first several experiences in a kayak were in a Frenzy and it's what I put my child in. I work in a marina that rents kayaks and our customers (many who have never ever kayaked before) have a great experience with them. We have few tip overs unless the day is really windy. Most of my customers come back the next week to go again. They are not going to be as agile as a more aerodynamic kayak, but the stability is worth a lot.

I work at a marina that rents paddling equipment and water craft. We use the Riptide as our main rental boards so I get to play with them quite a bit. Great board for stability. Perfect length and width for all of our customers, big and small. The board sits in the water well without taking on water. My only criticism is that the fin can stick a bit getting it in and out, though it it wouldn't deter me from buying one.

I absolutely love this board. I was afraid that it wouldn't be as good as a solid board, but was pleasantly surprised. It is not quite as agile or fast as a solid board, but it is very stable and doesn't lose much agility when compared to a solid board. What it gains is convenience. I can throw the bag in the trunk and go anywhere with the board. It is easy to air up and use and it is lighter. On a windy day, I thought it was actually easier to deal with when getting the board in and out because it was lighter. It does catch the wind a little bit because of the thickness of the board, but it was a small price to pay.