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This is my 3rd kayak. I started out with a 10' L.L.Bean Manatee back in 2008. This a great kayak for beginners. The next upgrade was a few years after was to a Wilderness System Pungo 120 that I love and paddled for more than 10 years and still take it out once in a while. After loving the Pungo, i wanted to start exploring bigger bodies of water and the sea so 2 years ago, I upgraded to a Wilderness System Tsunami 145. This is my baby. It handles very well in the and rough waters. I live in NH but it does not stop me from exploring. We start paddling in March right through December depending when the lakes freezes. When you have the right Kayak and gear, the possibilities are endless! I recommend all "Wilderness System" kayaks! Their fleet is Exceptional!