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This review is not for the Trak 2.0 kayak which I hear is a decent product. This review is for the company that makes the kayak and it tears me up to write this. I never leave reviews and have never left a negative review for a company before but I feel that it would be doing a disservice to the paddling community not to inform you of my experience.

I cannot recommend ordering anything from this company until they sort out their manufacturing issues.

Early backers have had over a two year delay from the date their order was placed. I have been waiting almost a year after being told it would be ready from the order page in six months after placing my order through the company's website. This wasn't a Kickstarter backing for me but sending my money to a company directly through their direct sales website. What I've received in return are false promises and almost no information.

Communication has been tremendously awful, and it is only due to the hard work of a few dedicated non-staff members on a Facebook page that any information has been transmitted from the company about order delays and arrivals.

The company refuses to answer individual questions about orders or delays instead focusing on getting what boats they have received out to customers. I understand the small number of staff have limited resources but this is not the way to ensure repeat business.

Refunds are not allowed based on the purchasing contract after 90 days and with no communication from the company your money will be taken and sent into a black hole of non-information. Each email contains only new delays in the manufacturing process and promises to attend amazing trips and join their community . Alas, it is hard to join a community of kayakers without a boat.

It was estimated I would receive a boat in March of 2019 then May of 2019 and now it looks like October to December of 2019. I wouldnt be surprised if i don't receive anything until late 2020. What is even more frustrating is that you can today (August 2019) put in an order for expected delivery in March or April of 2020. Based on the previous experiences with this company that delivery timeframe seems impossible.

I imagine I will one day get a boat from them long after I have moved away from the sea and from what I have heard they are good boats. If you have the chance to buy someone's I would say go for it. I would not give my money again to a company that has such poor communication skills and keeps thousands of people waiting with little information. I have seen little information on general website about this product other than glowing reviews. The people that have them love them it seems. However hundreds of other people who have ordered boats are having a similar experience to mine. I learned my lesson and won't be buying a boat like this unless I can see it.

I do hope they get their issues figured out. I do hope they end up producing a great quantity of amazing quality boats and I do sympathize with how challenging it must be to receive over a thousand orders for your great product and have to make them, but at the moment put your hard earned money elsewhere.

For the price I could have purchased numerous other high performance touring boats, even a slightly less capable folding boat like the Orkut is better than no boat at all.

With kind regards and hoping Trak can turn this around. I would love to update this review to note how they did right by the thousands of people that have backed them with better communication and honesty towards the community that they are trying to build.

These are super comfortable silicon ear plugs. They keep water out while practicing rolls and ear easily washable. I highly recommend buying the multiple size pack to see which ones fit your ears.

A great product a bit pricey but worth it for the comfort.

This product has held up well over the past two years. Flotation is good and there are plenty of pockets to stash your gear. None of the pockets are big enough to hold a large smartphone though the smaller 5.5 inch devices might be able to squeeze into the bottom pocket.

The only thing I wish it included was a water bladder pouch. A decent product for a decent price.