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Name: PineClone

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A few comments about my NC19 that I've owned now for a little more than a year. Like others, i did a lot of research before buying this boat. After paddling surfskis and racing canoes for many years, i wanted to find a boat that i could store a lot of gear, while still having a relatively fast boat. I also wanted a rudder. Ultimately, I decided on the NC-19, light layup, no rudder, with the seat adjust back a little for more leg room (i'm 6' 3", 180). I've been very happy with it so far. This boat tracks straight, regardless of wind or wave direction. That means its a little harder to maneuver, but it leans well and responds well to different paddle strokes. Its actual weight is about 54lbs. I can shoulder the boat easily and comfortably.

The only negative i can find so far is that there isn't enough room in the hull to fit my feet (size 12) comfortably on the foot pegs. However, I fastened a bar (two sleeved pieces of aluminum tubing) between the two pegs, which is essentially a continuous foot brace across the boat. This works great and is still adjustable.

Finally, I was skeptical about the "performance flange", but it serves well as a bumper when pulling up to a dock. Great boat and great service from NC Kayaks when custom ordering.