Name: Hurley

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I have had and used my Spitfire 1person tent for 5 years now and I love it. I got it for a Christmas present and set it up in the snowy yard that night. I'm 6' 170. I easily and comfortably fit in this tent. I have used it on multi day back country hikes, easy car camping, and multi night river trips. It's easy and quick to set up. I have used it in temperatures from 10 to 100 degrees, in rain and snow, and in(rare) absolutely perfect conditions. It has always served me well. It's a great buy for being as lightweight, functional, and packable as it is. Reccomend buying the footprint made for it. I have no cons.

I went from my starter kayak the pelican trailblazer100 to the perception swifty 9.5 and have been very happy. I like the comfort, color pattern, large cockpit, and the 1piece design (makes it a bit heavier but as Boris the bullet dodger says heavy is reliable). Have used it mostly on calm to class 2 water and it has run like a champ. Tracking is good, not great but compared to the pelican it's a significant step up. Really only 2 cons for me. I wish it had padding for knees(I added pool noodles around the rim) and the hatch is useless. If it's not a dry hatch then why have a hatch at all? Overall a great medium range kayak that I'll be handing down to my daughter as soon as my LL remix xp10 arrives.