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After using a regular lunch box for my lunch and having to eat a peach that tasted like saltwater, I decided to get a dry bag for my lunch. This one in the 6 litre size is perfect, just the right size for a sandwich, bottle of ice tea, and a piece of fruit. It's super light weight and rolls up to almost nothing when empty.

This is about the perfect tent for kayak or car camping with one person. Yeah, it's a tad heavier than a super-light backpacking tent but it's plenty small for a kayak and you could backpack with it for a weekend if need be. What's nice is it is big enough to have extra space. I can keep a duffle with all my clothes inside at one and and I still fit lengthwise and I"m 6'. I have a large 3" mat I use when car camping and it fits with room to spare. The vestibule is big enough to leave shoes and a couple othet things outside. It sets up easily. The match footprint is really nice as it fits exactly with the corners of the tents on the same stakes.

I bought this pump because my Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump is just a tad too long to fit transverse behind the seat of my kayak and wanted to make my deck cleaner so I thought I'd try a smaller pump I can fit behind my seat so I do not have to bungie a pump to my deck.

The plus of this pump is it does fit nicely. It's also cheap; I got it on sale for <$14.

The minus is it doesn't work quite as well as the Seattle Sports pump. It seems to have more resistance on the up stroke, it doesn't project the water as well, and it doesn't pump as faster. But it's a smaller pump so some reduction in performance is expected. I figure I'll keep it behind my seat and the next time I have to pump out, decide it it's good enough to keep or not.

So bottom line, it is an adequate pump and it's small and cheap so it is one option that might be worth buying for some people. I suspect if you want a pump that size that works a bit better, you'll have to buy one of the models that's up around $30.

I bought this skirt as I wanted something cooler than my full neoprene skirt. The adjustable waist works very well. The suspenders, I don't think they are needed so I took them off. As far as being cooler, it's a "little bit" cooler than my neoprene skirt but not way cooler. If you think about the surface area of your lower body when you sweat inside a kayak on a hot day, there is no way the area of gortex the size of any skirt is going to be able to evaporate that moisture. I tried it while paddling on a river on an 80F day as I like a skirt as I can play with edging my turns with risking flooding. But I ended up taking it off and going without a skirt as I was overheating. But, if it were an 80F day on the ocean where I had to have a skirt, this skirt definitely would be better than my all neoprene one. So, if you want miracle cooler, no full skirt is really going to work. But if you want something a bit cooler, this skirt isn't a bad choice.

I'm a novice so take this review for what it's worth. I'm interested in sea kayaking but wanted a rental one day for river paddling and tried the 165. I suppose if you don't want something g with the performance of a more advanced kayak but instead wanted a leisurely stable boat but didn't want a floating dock like the cheap recreational choice, this would be a good choice. I think I could actually fish out of thsi kayak.

I'm a novice and have been in just a few kayaks in lessons and rentals, tzunami 145' tzunami 165, and zypher, and a tempest. I was a bit afraid to trust eh tempest as I expected it to be a lot tippier but I found it the most fun of all of these. As a novice, it feels a bit tippy when you first get in but it has very good secondary stability. And unlike the wider boars, I can actually start trying to learn to edge in the tempest.