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I upgraded to a flat water cruiser from a Dagger Axis 12.0....still keeping the Axis as is better for moving water maneuverability! The idea of using my kayak for fitness moved my in this direction. The WS products are all well built and designed. Twin bulkheads and rigging make for a safer experience if you should find yourself outside your kayak. The hull design make this kayak cut thru the water but not at the cost of stability. It tracks very well and stays on course with little correction necessary. Seat is very comfortable and has easy trim adjustments. Has a sporty feeling in the water. The cockpit is fairly roomy (I'm 6-0 and 222) and keeps you dry. Plenty of rigging for your accouterments. Weight is very manageable as I can load on my F-150 roof rack solo.
Things that are different from my Axis I need to get used to. In faster water it's not as maneuverable as the Axis when you try a 180 against a strong current. So if you wanna play around in faster water it's not your ride. If you travel with slower kayaks you'll always be up front. I recycled myself three times to the back and in five minutes was in the lead without paddling. The hatch covers are the tupperware type just like the Axis....real pain to seal but effective. Too bad the Pungo covers can't be used. Can't wait to let the Tsunami's long legs kick in on the Susquehanna, lakes and protected coastal water.