Name: Vanimal

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We use the crap out of our Tsunami 145s and let me tell you, it's a great boat! I'm 6'-2" tall at 220 lbs and I fit great within it's cockpit. I believe it's designed for larger paddlers. We use it on a lot of day trips and have camped out of it for as long as 5 days and it holds all the gear we can carry. One recent trip, I must have had almost 70 lbs of gear and was able to maintain 6 MPH for a miles according to my GPS. It's not the fastest boat out there but can keep up a good clip once you get it going. Primary and secondary stability is good. My wife's boat has almost been flipped over just one time and it was a huge gust of wind that hit us unexpectedly. The optional rudder does help out a lot and I can't imagine having a yak without one. It is on the heavy side but it's also very durable. We run ours aground all the time on sand, dirt, gravel, rocks and have taken any abuse we can throw at it. I know we should treat it with a little more respect but it doesn't complain. Overall, he's a wonderful boat that has taken me to some of the nicest places around Colorado.