Name: Diab

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to the reviewer claiming a cruising speed of 6.5 mph I'm gonna have to decline to believe that unless you are going with a current. thats a fast speed for a 19.5 ft Stellar falcon surf ski. lets be real here.

Bought the Andromeda used. 2002 kevlar model. its very light and pretty to look at. the deep V hull is very good tracking but still edges quickly and easily. Its a very efficient paddler and fast. i dont feel the boats primary stability to be bad a t all. in fact it feels solid to me. one reviewer said he had to use a paddle with float as an outrigger to sit still. i can sit in it as easy as my Tempest Pro. haven't full test secondary but it feels good as well. to recap Andromeda is a beautiful classic fast unique vessel. Not a beginners boat like 50 percent of the sea kayaks available.