Name: Papa_Jay

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Simply Awesome

Two years ago my health took a nosedive and I had to give up my kayaking and sold two of my kayaks. Broke down and saw a surgeon and discovered I could get back to kayaking, however, I couldn't lift or carry a kayak like I used to. Did some searching and found the Suspenz DLX Airless Carrier. Simple to put together, just pop the wheels on, attach the straps to secure the kayak and away you go. Great product and highly recommend, especially those of us up in the retired years..

Perception Carolina 14.5

I got interested in kayaking when I moved to Tennessee from Florida. My first purchase was a Perception Acadia 11.5 which I paddled for a year. Wanted a bigger boat, so decided on the Carolina 14.5. I had a lot of fun in this kayak as I could cover more territory in my day trips. After about 12 years, I had health issues which forced me to sell my Carolina. Not thinking that I would be paddling again, I had surgery and after about four months, started feeling better and had a great desire to get on the lake again. Starting all over again and after much research, I decided to go with the Carolina 12 as I am more familiar with the Carolina line of Perception kayaks. The 12 is much lighter, but lacks the speed I had with the 14.5. At 66 years of age and taking things slower now, the 12 serves my purpose, but I sure do miss my 14.5