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First, the only reason for 4 stars is I rarely give 5 stars for anything. I will add the weight is a downside. I rooftop carry and the Yakima Showboat 66 is a great tool. I can load by myself.

I have a 140 and 160. The 160 is my main ride with a little advantage over the 140; mainly space and a slightly better cruising speed.

I have been on the ocean in Maine in rough unprotected waters. The timing was in between storms. I won't say I was entirely comfortable. It is my skill that I am uncomfortable with. The kayaks are quite capable. One of my reasons for the SOT was reentry. Clap your hands together while barking like a seal and pop back in. Sorry, not quite that easy, but, I was never able to reenter my sit-in. I rather be in my kayak then to be part of the food chain.

As far as performance, my 160 has a rudder, the 140 does not. I have only used the rudder maybe a dozen times in high winds. The rudder is useful with side winds. It does weathercock and the rudder does help.

Leaks? Yes. Leaks around anything that has a hole: rails, screws, hatches. It is not a big problem. Carry a sponge.

If you are a fisherman, they are less stable than the fishing kayaks of wider width. I didn't buy for the purpose of fishing. I bought my 160 for tripping and at that, it is great. I can easily carry everything for my wife and I. I bought the 140 (used, a year or two older) as a guest kayak based on my experience in the 160. I am not disappointed. I am a casual fisherman and the kayak does suit my needs nicely.