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Name: sthomas450

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I purchased my first kayak in 1977, a composite whitewater model, and since then, I have owned more than 15 boats of various makes and materials. The one I plan to stay with is my Current Designs Solstice GTS Kevlar. I picked it up on Craigslist, and was a little nervous when I saw it was the Soltice model with the smallest cockpit. I am 6' / 210 pounds, and the literature said it was designed for a "small to medium" paddler. But the price was fantastic, so I bought it, and was not disappointed. Most of my kayaking has been in whitewater, so I am used to being "squeezed" into a boat. I actually prefer the feel of close-contact to having lots of free movement around my hips. Anyway, the kayak handles beautifully, tracks like an arrow, yet allows for quick maneuvers with a simple lean. The rudder system is very functional, but it took me a little while to get used to the Sea-lect foot brace. The boat employs what is referred to as the North American design, which I prefer, especially in large waves. The hatch covers are bomb-proof, and lie flat on the deck. I routinely get compliments on the style and smooth lines of the kayak from other paddlers. When I purchased the boat, one of the selling points was the Kevlar. I am 70 years old, and had visions of flipping this light-weight kayak on my shoulder with one hand. However, it is heavier than I had expected (17.5 feet long, and a nice solid layup don't make for a featherweight boat), but I can still hoist it on my car without assistance. All-in-all. I am happy I purchased the Solstice GTS, and don't expect to be selling it any time soon.

I agree with everything that has been said. Fast, tippy at first, but a pleasure to paddle after the second or third outing. The rudder does help a lot when the boat is empty. I took some pictures of my Looksha floating freely in the water and was shocked when I looked at them to see how much rocker there is. It looks like a 20\\' whitewater kayak from the side, which is probably why it turns so nicely. Load the boat up with gear and it settles into the water and tracks very nicely, even without the rudder. It's too bad they stopped producing them.