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I love my Hurricane Skimmer. It is so lightweight and easy to handle. Tracks beautifully. Very comfortable. Just right for my small size and will accommodate a larger paddler. Good storage for day trips. Ample leg room. Fun to paddle. Love it!!!

I had great hopes for this kayak. I was looking for a lightweight and easy transport option. No doubt this is a lightweight kayak at under 30 pounds. Easy to transport in its own backpack. Inflates fairly quickly. I found it difficult to keep on track in the water. First (and only) trip was on a tidal river On a slightly windy day. This kayak was like a leaf on the water. It was all over the place, blowing like a beach all. I have not used it since. Good for floating on a quiet lake or pond. Not good if you want to get somewhere ... Especially if you are with others in faster kayaks. I was left behind. Too much work to keep up. There are wide sides and I kept scraping my knuckles and the rubber makes annoying squeezing sounds. I wanted to love it. It is for sale now after only one use.

Great kayak. Fun to paddle. Lots of room. Tracks very well. A little wet from scupper holes. Good storage. Not just for fishing ... I do not fish. Nice and wide, stable, solid. All around nice boat.

I really like this kayak. I won it in a party raffle. I have been using it ever since. It has great tracking. It is fast. This kayak is comfortable. It has lots of storage. Highly recommended.