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225 cm. Nukilik Greenland Paddle

With a review I think its important to start at the beginning. I started researching Greenland style paddles vs. euro paddles as I have always used a euro style and Greenland was a new concept for me. After spending weeks reading countless reviews and comparisons of one style vs. another I realized it was time to take a chance and put my trusty euro style paddle to the side and decide for my self.
Next I found my self researching what company to go with, as I didn't want to just pick any Greenland paddle to say yup I tried it. For me all roads pointed to Gearlab Paddles, and I'm happy they did.

I contacted Gearlab and requested their assistance in helping me decide what would be the best paddle for me. I'm sure I could assume but lets face it they're the experts, why not just ask.The customer support at Gearlab is fantastic, Gearlab recommended a 225cm Nukilik shouldered carbon fiber weave paddle. Now I'm not going to lie, a paddle made in and shipped from Taiwan I thought I would be waiting awhile for my new paddle to come, but it came pretty fast! When I opened the box and saw my carefully wrapped paddle I felt like a little boy on Christmas morning opening that one gift I had lost countless nights sleep obsessing over. The bubble wrap was carefully removed and in my hand I had a work of art. Flawless in every way, black carbon fiber with an orange tip guard the light danced across the blade. I carefully examined the shaft and quickly noticed the "D" joint I had read so much about, they had claimed this "D" will add extra rigidity to the paddle. I connected both sections and in my hands I held a perfectly balanced paddle measuring 225 cm in length and weighing in at just ounces. I couldn't believe how light this paddle was and how balanced it felt in my hands. I couldn't wait to try it out!

The next day I loaded my kayak and headed to the outlet of a nearby lake to put this paddle to the test. To be clear when I paddle I usually will do so in lakes, rivers and even creeks, depending on conditions. I quickly realized that my stroke needed to be slightly modified, which came about surprisingly naturally. After my stroke felt more natural and I could really get up to speed, I was shocked how this paddle just sliced through the water and got me to top speed in hardly no time. More importantly I was able to maintain that speed with less effort than I had ever experienced. In a way I had never felt before it was as if I was connected to the water. I could move in ways that I was never able to before. They weren't lying about the "D" joint either, this paddle is rigged and feels like a one piece paddle. Not to mention I was able to go further and last longer than I had using a traditional euro style paddle. The best part of all of this was when I was done I didn't experience the same strain and fatigue I use to feel after a long trip.

When I paddle I will usually cover between 5 to 20 miles on an average outing. This coming summer I am planning a 200 mile paddle and I wanted something that could make a difference in the trip. I'm happy to say, I found that something! 5 Stars!!!

Glide across the water effortlessly on this premium paddle board. In my opinion one of the best on the market. Pros Light weight, durable construction, ease of use. Cons n/a Usage I use this paddle board on an outlet and or lake for exercise.

Glide across the water effortlessly on this premium paddle board. In my opinion one of the best on the market. Weather your a weekend warrior looking to get into the sport or looking to upgrade your current sup. I would highly recommend this board as your next purchase. Pros Light weight, durable construction, ease of use. Cons n/a Usage I use this paddle board on an outlet and or lake for exercise.

A pleasure cruiser, the C4 Waterman Holo Holo Stand Up Paddleboard is perfect for cruising the shoreline and making some distance. I have used this board on outlets and lakes and is a dream to use. Quick response, stable build and ease of glide make this board a no brainier when purchasing a new SUP. If your looking to get into the world of SUP this board is the one for you..Highly recommended. Pros durable construction, ease of use, comfortable deck, beautiful design. moderately affordable for beginner. Overall nice board. Cons n/a Usage outlet, lakes for exercise and or touring depending on day and location.

With the full rail and flatter bottom, the Surftech Universal Stand Up Paddleboard is the most stable board for it's size on the water in my opinion. You will love this board whether your paddling an outlet or dropping in on some low to moderate surf. Bang for the buck you cant beat this board. Attractive designs and durable construction are just a few of the pros you will find with this board. Gliding across the water will seam effortless on this 10'6" board. Pros durable construction, attractive design, affordable price, ease in use, stable for beginner fun ride for seasoned ridder. Cons n/a Usage outlet, lake, ocean exercise and play.

This is a great board for a beginner or seasoned paddler. Pros great handling, quick response, ease in care and maintenance. Cons Usage I use this model on an outlet and or lake in southern NY western PA mainly for exercise and leisurely excursions.

Great kayak for the beginner "weekend warrior", who is just testing the water in the world of kayaking. Great on lakes outlets and creeks, this kayak handles well but is also very tough construction wise. You will have no fears scraping the bottom on rocks in low water because of its tough construction but also its reasonable price.

The only down side I have with this kayak is that its cargo compartment is not water tight. However a short trip to the hardware store and $5 will fix this issue. If you're looking into buying your first kayak or considering picking up kayaking recreationaly, this is the kayak for you. The Trailblazer 100 will give you years of enjoyment at a price you cant beat.

• 1-person sit-in kayak • Versatile • Designed for: recreation • Perfect for beginners • Built on an ultra-stable hull platform • Dashboard • Drain plug • Adjustable foot pegs • Seat pad • Adjustable padded backrest • Carrying handles • Storage hatch with bungee to secure items

Length: 10'
Width: 28"
Cockpit dimensions: 51.25"L x 23.5" W
Weight capacity: 275 lbs