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Love my AB Eagle Ray carbon with Posi-lock ferrule. I have a Werner Camano with a similar blade size & shape which is lighter and glides thru the water, but does not grab the water as well. I've had the Eagle Ray on long trips, I've also had to tow two people behind me on a bad day. I highly recommend it.

I'm using it to push my 24" W. x 17'L Necky Tesla. I'm 200lbs and 6'. It's a 230 cm. I will be buying a 220cm for my Necky Looksha 22.5"W. kayak. I can also keep a much faster pace with it than my Werner 220cm.

I have the 17' x 24" Tesla in kevlar with carbon strips. Purchased this year, and I have never been so happy with a wide boat. I'm just about 6' and 197lbs., so I'm on the small side for this big boat, but I love it. It's been on some long trips, and I commonly use it when out with beginners. It's not a fast boat, but rather an easy gliding boat to relax with. My other boat is a Necky Looksha kevlar/carbon, also a great boat.