Name: Shockahawn

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The Dagger Crossover is as described and handles what it was built for- variety... For flat water, it does come with a skeg- which I would recommend upgrading. The stock skeg seems to create more drag than necessary and is not easily adjusted. Mine has yet to strip out like others have mentioned being a problem, but I can easily see how this would be a problem. For rivers, it is a moderately stable craft that turns fairly easily considering it's size. The Dagger Crossover has a rear hatch with a decent amount of storage space and deck rigging to attach items on the outside of the boat making it suitable for overnight trips. Overall, this boat has been a pleasure to own and paddle. For someone looking for a boat that can do a variety of things, but doesn't necessarily excel at any particular activity- this boat may be a great choice.

I bought my discovery used from a local livery. It clearly has had a great deal of use, but it still has lots of life left. It is a bit on the heavy side, but what do you expect for 17' craft? Other canoes of this length could certainly weigh a lot more. Pretty stable on the water and not real difficult to control. My discovery has done everything I have asked it to and could certainly handle a whole lot more. I gotta give it a ten for versatility, durability, and overall value.