Name: Yakety-yak

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I've had my discovery by "Old Town" for a while now. I don't think I could have made a better choice. I've had it in maybe class IV rapids, lazy rivers and flat water. It may not be the best for any of these applications but has performed very well in my opinion in all theatres. I've had it loaded down with camping gear for two with two fat old men. Done the dad thing with me, two kids, cooler and tackle and had no problems. The seat supports do a little groaning but the webbing still looks great! The finish and hardware on the seats has held up extremely well. I have not been kind to her so the shell has taken some damage but nothing you shouldn't expect for the amount of usage.
Overall a great canoe and a very good value.

I don't feel the boat tacks well at all! Too much energy is lost in the "side to side" due in part mostly to it's shot fat design. This isn't something that can be overcome by expertise. I found it a little on the heavy side as well. On the plus side the molded handles are solid, well placed and very easy and convenient to grip. It's roomy and pretty stable, this little yak is bulletproof too! Overall for a flat water or slow stream boat it does OK, a good starter boat.

The "Menace" was my first yak and was just enjoyable enough to make me want a another one (a different one). It really only has two qualities, stability and durability. It will take anything you can dish out and chug right along. I would recommend it as a starter or a beater. You will end up buying another kayak