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The no drill, caliper set up is kind of sweet, especially is you are using this anchor kit on multiple boats. However, the cuff that is supposed to keep the anchor closed has no way to lock. It will either let the anchor tines splay out when you don't want them to or it will accidentally close the anchor up when you want it open. It holds ok in light wind/current but isn't much good otherwise. So for shallow water, you're better off with a stakeout pole and for deeper water, stronger currents, you need a more substantial anchor, rigged with a chain rode.

Just got a great deal on a Werner Baja 2-piece paddle which is used as a spare and out in the surf. This is a value level paddle. It is sturdy and not too heavy. I use paddles like these with beginner kayakers or when surfing so I don't have to worry about snapping a $300 piece of equipment. I also appreciate the white color for visibility. Werner makes a lot of black paddles. I wish they would make more white, yellow and orange - they really are safer.

This paddle also has the push button, three position ferrule. I know there are infinite adjustment paddles out there. I really think the simplicity of the push button three position is better. If wind picks up while you're on the water and you need to feather quickly, the push button is the way to go.

I bought my Nomad to be a dedicated beach toy. It is a blast in the surf and really not that bad for straight paddling. I did a 6-mile ocean paddle in it and it wasn't exactly fast but it wasn't a total barge. But it really excels in the surf.

The inset attachment points that Feelfree builds in for the seat and thigh straps are really great for the surf. Nothing gets caught up in them - no danger of snagging a paddle leash, life jacket or bow line. The boat has the wheel in the keel which I'm not really crazy about - a good cart works better on the sand. The boat also has an attachment point for an optional rudder - I have not needed it. I had narrowed my choices down to the Ocean Frenzy or the Nomad. The Nomad was way more comfortable - it has a slightly wider seat pan, it just felt better.

I use the Malone J Dock to store one of my Hurricane Skimmers 128 and a FeelFree Nomad. The Skimmer sits on the J Dock arms and the Nomad uses the strap sling underneath. This is used on a garage wall. This system is rock solid and extremely easy to use. First, installation was a breeze, the JDock arms attach to the wall with two very sturdy bolts. All hardware is provided by Malone. Like other racks, straps are always included and are appropriate for the weight of a a second kayak. Also included are straps to hold paddles under the J Dock. Getting your kayaks on the J Dock is a breeze. The bottom of the arms are padded with heavy duty rubber which also acts as a non-skid surface. The price was very reasonable compared to other wall racks and as usual Malone customer service is the best!

I use the Telos Lift Assist to load two kayaks onto my vehicle. I currently have a Subaru Outback but. until recently, I was loading kayaks onto my Ford Explorer. The first set of kayaks were Native Watercraft Redfish 12's. They weighed over 60 pounds each and they were a struggle for two people to load onto the Explorer. With the Telos system, loading is a snap and I can do it myself (no husband required). You do need to pair the Telos with a Malone Downloader, Jloader or AutoLoader kayak rack. We have the Downloader which I have reviewed separately.

We considered getting the Thule Hullivator, but to put two hullivators on the roof adds a lot of weight. If you are loading two kayaks, you need two. With the Telos, you only need one loader because you just move it to the other side of the car when you need it.

Every time I use it, people ask me about it. One of the ratchet springs on one of the arms came loose and got mangled. I called Malone for a part and with their usual great customer service, they sent me an entire new arm assembly for free.
Love Malone products and Malone customer service!!

My Harmony Cart works great! It is easy to unfold, has a kickstand to make loading easier and handles my sit on top very well. When I'm too lazy to drive somewhere I just load my cart and walk 1/4 mile to my closest launch. The Harmony handles this no problem!

In Florida, paddling means wearing SPF clothing which can get expensive. Our local retailer Bealls has a private label of UPF and Fishing clothing called Reel Legends. They make UPF 50 long and short sleeved shirts in many colors and prints, shorts, skorts, and pants. Mens's, women's and plus women's. The prices are extremely reasonable and the durability is fantastic. You can always find them on sale. I now own more sun protective clothing than anything else in my closet.

I have two sets of Malone Downloaders mounted to my factory crossbars. I usually carry two just over 12 ft sit on tops that are 30" beam. The Downloaders work great. They are rock steady and love the fact that they fold down so I can keep them on the SUV when I know I am going to use them multiple days. They have a loading ramp which is a great extra but what's really outstanding is that they connect to the Telos loader arms which I also have. The cradles are padded. The universal clamps came with different sized bolts and I had no problem installing them.

Malone Customer Service is Excellent!!! I bought 1 set originally from Amazon, the second set I bought later from a dealer. Both sets came with all hardware plus tie down straps and bow and stern tie lines. However, the dealer set (a newer model) came with nice strap bales on the j rack which really helps keep the straps in the right position while loading until you tie everything down. I called Malone thinking maybe I could buy the bales and put on my original set and they sent them out for free and talked me through how to install them. I am a Malone customer for life!!

I have had my Native Watercraft Redfish 12 for over a year and have been very happy with it. It is not the angler version but does have 1 flush mount rod holder behind the seat - so in a pinch does double duty, but it is mainly used for wildlife viewing. I use it in the Indian River Lagoon and the ocean, it has been on used on calm flat water and in rough chop,

It is roomy and has great initial and secondary stability. Because I have a bad hip, I enter and exit in knee deep water and this boat barely moves, it is that stable. In chop and current, it also maintains very good stability.

It's roomy and has plenty of storage. I have even paddled with a 10 year old in the back - I rigged a jumpseat facing the stern - with no problems. The hatch covers work well and stay closed

Native does a good job adding the little extras that don't come with other kayaks. Scupper plug are attached with keepers, Hatch lids and small hatch insert also have keepers, and it comes with a taco style paddle clip. Luggage style handles in bow, stern and sides are included. The addition of at least 1 flush mount rod holder means I can rig a visibility or dive flag, or a light for night paddling.

It paddles pretty well. It is never going to be as good as a nice transitional or touring kayak, but as sit on tops go, it is one of the best. It won't kill you to do a 5 or 6 mile paddle.

I keep my scupper plugs in and collect a little water, but the seat stays dry.

The biggest negative is of course, the weight. At 65 pounds, I cannot load the kayak by myself. Loading difficulty is also affected by the side handles. Although good quality, they are not positioned correctly and balance is way off. You can use them to tip out water, but for lifting the kayak into a rack or loader, they are terrible. You need two people to manage this kayak for loading.

The small rear hatch is misplaced. It is great to have a small watertight hatch like this for small items like a phone or camera, but why put it directly behind the seat. Good touring kayaks put this hatch off center behind the seat, so you can reach it. I realize the centered placement allows for two flush mount rod holders on either side behind the seat - But this is not the Angler model!

The Redfish paddles great upwind but downwind it weathercocks. Mine does not have a rudder but they are rudder ready and it needs one.

In summary a great kayak for both tooling around and fishing. At 65 pounds it's not the heaviest fishing yak out there but if you are going solo it can be a problem Great fit and finish, excellent stability.