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I have both the base model ETrex and an ETrex Legend. Both are excellent pieces of equipment. The original is great for use where specific maps are not required. I have used it on hikes and horse trail rides. I have used it several times when the leader of a trail ride has missed a turn and gotten lost. The Legend and the Map Source Software has provided me with so many more features that I carry it in my vehicle all of the time. I keep the local area detail maps loaded unless I need to go on a longer trip. I use it several times a week. Buy a set or two of NiMH batteries and you are in business.

This is the first kayak that I have owned. I have lots of canoeing and a little kayaking experience. We have several area rivers with class I & II runs. I have also spent time on several lakes. I did not expect a high performance touring or whitewater craft. I did expect a craft with reasonable stability, tracking, maneuverability, and portability. That is what I got. This boat is just plain fun. It was well worth the money.