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Name: f4toad

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Awesome PFD for the minimalist kayaker. Sometimes I don't care to wear one but since I bought this one I do all the time. No rubbing or chaffing and not bulky at all. Handy pocket up front and attachment point for knife/light.

My first sea kayak. Great boat. I'm a small framed guy and the cockpit fits me perfect, not too bulky. A little personal adjustments were needed to the seat and thigh braces but that's gonna be with anything. Oodles of storage and handles rough water without faltering. Not too heavy at 50lbs. For a long plastic yak either.

My first ever kayak. Low price great all around beginner boat. Beat it up in some rivers and it keeps on going. Did my first ever kayak race in it too, before stepping up to a sea kayak. Still take off down the river in it all the time.

Love the flip top storage hatch, the cockpit dash and drink holder are great ideas. And has a super comfy adjustable seat