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Name: hv2kayak

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I love the Jackson Rockstar for making all the newest freestyle tricks so easy. This boat is so fast on end it's hard to keep up with. What separates it from the field is air. Less extra outfitting, quick easy adjustments to maximize your comfort. The continuous rocker makes front and back loops so smooth. Even volume distribution pops so high. You don't need to win competitions but this boat clearly can.

This is one of the early plastic boards created for Whitewater SUP. I have paddled in down class four rapids and it's a blast. They have started to add better deck pads, mine was one of the early ones with textured plastic. I did break the handle on the hatch and it was a real pain to find a replacement. Most want to sell you the whole hatch assembly. Looking forward to more progressive designs with more bow rocker and lower feet/ higher edges / foot blocks etc. Pros Low volume tail allows tricks still. Plastic is bomber and slides over rocks. Hatch makes for a flat landing when you fall on the board and good storage. Cons Speed, not much rocker. Fin is to long for most whitewater Usage Hard whitewater

I love running whitewater on my SUPercharger. It has good bow rocker to get up over waves and a lot of width for stability. The plastic wont hang up on rocks. I take the fins off for downriver play running up onto rocks spinning the board and jumping back on. It really spices up your local class two run. The basic fins are short and flexible and really help give a good carving sensation on small waves. Pros Great for downriver running. Very stable. Cons Not the most surf specific board. Deck pad could be made from a less slippery material, but gives good cushion if you fall. Usage Whitewater

A favorite board for just getting out and paddling some laps around the lake. Great for getting into those hard to go places and getting away from reality for a little while. I like the extra speed from the longer model. Overall this board is tough, carries descent speed, and is good fun. Pros Displacement hull to carry speed. Flat tail for pivot turns. Good deck pad. Cons It's a bit wider/heavier than some displacements, but that makes it nice and stable. Usage exercise