Name: KenSnyder

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When I started looking to purchase my first kayak I needed to make sure that I found one for my beginner needs but also something that I wouldn't grow out of too fast. That was four years ago and I still find this kayak to be an excellent choice.

The 125 is a roto molded polyethylene boat and is 12.5 feet long. It's stable on entry and exit and a dream to paddle. As my skills have progressed, it's gotten much easier to handle tight turns and close quarters. She's stable in the water and handles chop nicely. I also don't have any troubles with speed boat wake. It has a spacious cockpit and a very comfortable seat that is easily adjustable while underway. It took me some time to understand my own needs when it comes to foot peg placement but adjustments can be made easily while on the water. The padded thigh braces are very nice and keep me comfortable. It has two bulkheads and plenty of storage in the two compartments.

She's fast and tracks very well. I've considered installing a rudder but have decided that the boat just doesn't need it. If you're looking for a boat that will TEACH you to paddle a kayak, this is the boat for you.